Being an avid DIY-er is not only a great creative outlet, but is also an effective way to cut down your budget. There are lots of handy home items you can make yourself that will show off your creative talents and help you save a few bucks. Here are a few of them.

Dresser Kitchen Island

Repurpose a hand-me-down dresser into a stylish kitchen island. Simply sand down the wood and paint a color that works with your kitchen’s color scheme. Then replace the top of the dresser with marble, granite or butcher-block and you will have a one-of-a-kind kitchen island, complete with storage.



Make a vintage framed chalkboard

Looking for another way to keep your family organized? It’s easy to make a handy DIY message board for your kitchen using unique frames you can find at a second-hand store or garage sale!  Simply cut some plywood to fit the size of each frame and then paint it with chalkboard paint. Leave to dry, then glue the frame to the plywood.

vintage frame chalkboard


Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Looking for an easy-to-make piece of wall art that will not only act as a focal point, but will also provide you with additional storage? Look no further than this hexagon-shaped wall shelf made from popsicle sticks. Not only is it cheap to make, but it’s incredibly easy; this makes it the perfect project for DIY-ers of all skill levels.

Popsicle Stick Hexagon

Replace your window treatment

Has the old window shade above your kitchen sink seen better days? Replace any stained window coverings in your house with inexpensive homemade fabric shades. You don’t even have to be an expert sewer! These easy no-sew roman shade instructions are so simple, you’ll save time and money by making them. Pro tip: Many thrift stores sell scrap material, so you can search your local second-hand stores to save even more money.

roman shades


Sunburst Porch Mirror

This stunning sunburst porch mirror may look expensive, but in reality, it costs less than $10 using simple items purchased from a craft store. Simply take a 10” round mirror and apply 12” craft dowels in a fan design around the mirror. Use your own design or follow this simple template and you’ll have an attractive exterior ornament that will have your neighbors talking.

Sunburst Porch

Recycled Paper Backsplash

Turn a large vintage map or pages from an old book into a unique backsplash that is bound to draw some interest. It’s a cheap and easy way to add some personality to any boring wall. This is guaranteed to turn any blank wall into an engaging conversation piece.

Recycled Paper

Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Spruce up your pantry this weekend with these gorgeous, chic dollar store containers and labels. Pick up a few clear containers from the dollar store, and keep everything organized using modern printable labels. Check out The Social Home for full instructions.


Give your furniture a facelift

Transform worn-looking furniture with a new color of paint. For wood pieces, first make sure to remove dirt or wax build up with a household cleaner and rinse. Then sand any rough areas and  wipe away dust. Apply two coats of primer, let dry and brush on two coats of latex paint. Just note that if it is an expensive, high-quality antique, you might want to hold off the paint as it could devalue it in the long run. Give your furniture a facelift

Build a charging station

Do you find your chargers are always taking over your counterspace? Even worse, are you often losing your chargers? To help keep your family organized and help keep your countertops clear, create your own charging station by cutting small slits into the back of a basic ledge shelf to allow cords to behind and inside the shelf to allow your devices to be plugged in underneath. Build a charging station

Tin Can Storage Shelves

Stop recycling your aluminum cans. Instead, save them and paint them in coordinating colors in order to create a unique type of wall storage. Arrange them in an orderly, geometric way or whimsically by attaching the can to a wall with a single screw through the bottom of the can or with strong wall mounting tape. Alternatively, you can attach them together and create a handy desk organizer.

Tin Can Storage

Assemble an ocean stone bath mat

Transform a boring rubber floor map into a stylish conversation piece by attaching polished ocean rocks (available at craft stores). This is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and it actually feels really good on your feet. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to making this unique home for your feet. Assemble an ocean stone bath mat

Painted Mason Jars

Create chic and expensive looking accent pieces simply by painting some mason jars with a matte paint. Mason jars are cheap to buy in bulk, and all it takes is a little spray paint to turn them from plain to chic. Follow these simple instructions by The Sweetest Occassion to create your own!


Design a dip dyed table runner

Add a splash of color to your eating area by dip dying a plain white table runner into bright liquid dye. It’s a quick, easy and most importantly, cheap, way to add some personality to your kitchen or dining room. Design a dip dyed table runner

Marble dipped mugs

These water-color mugs are shockingly easy and affordable to create. All it takes is a bottle of nail polish, warm water, a white mug and about 15 seconds. Check out the step-by-step instructions in this video to easily create your own for under $10 and less than 30 seconds!


Create confetti tumblers

Love the look of these stylish glasses but hate the price? Make your own by speckling acrylic paint around the bottom part of the glass. Radical Possibility has some great tips on how to make a set of these colorful glasses for only $2!

Create confetti tumblers

Copper Dipped Cutlery

These classy looking pieces of cutlery are so simple to create, you'll want to paint dip everything you own. Simply dip inexpensive silverware in matte copper paint, and you'll instantly have chic, expensive-looking cutlery.


Homemade Glass Message Board

Transform an inexpensive glass panel into a practical message center which you and members of your family can use as a communication hub for your home. To add some style to this function, paint the back of the panel to complement your kitchen’s design scheme and then frame it. Just add some dry erase markers and get organized!

Homemade Glass Message