What better way to create a soft ambiance to your outdoor space than with some lighting. Because they come in a variety of options – from path lights to hanging solar lanterns – you won't have trouble finding the perfect set for your space. Lighting an outdoor space at nighttime will instantly make your get-together a little more festive and will have your guests never wanting to go inside again. To help your outdoor area come alive this summer we've found some of the most creative and unique lighting ideas that will dramatically change your space and transform it into the outdoor oasis you've always wanted. Outdoor Lighting Ideas


1. Wine Glass Chandeliers

Got a wine glass? Sure you do. Well, just place a votive candle inside it and cover it with sheets of vellum to make your own mini lampshades. Your guests will love this little touch of charm added to the dinner table. Wine Glass Chandeliers


2. Canning Jar Lights

This is an easy DIY project that will add a lot of fun to any backyard party. All you have to do is gather a few canning jars, cover them in translucent glass paint and hang them from chord fixtures in a cluster that will light them up. Canning Jar Lights


3. Paper Bag Lanterns

Bring any birthday party or backyard bbq alive with some colourful paper bag lanterns. All you have to do is get some small gift bags, cut small slits in them and slide a string of lights between them. You can add ribbons to them for an extra bit of festivity. Or, simply place some sand inside a paper bag with a votive candle and use them to light up a walkway for your guests.  Paper Bag Lanterns


4. Basket Beauty

You can easily turn a cheap Dollar Store basket into a beautiful light by turning the basket upside down, inserting a chain through the middle with an attached light on the inside. Hang it up, turn on the light and enjoy the beauty as it lights up your porch area. Basket Beauty


5. Tin Can Lanterns

Instead of throwing out that soup can after you use it, consider turning it into a unique light fixture. All you have to do is fill a tin can with water, freeze it and then punch out a design with a hammer and nail. Once the ice has melted, paint the can, add a wire handle to it and a candle and voila – light away. Use a bunch of them with different punched out designs for a cool look that will keep your party-goers talking all night long. Tin Can Lanterns


6. Hanging Railing Jars

Take some old mason jars, add a wire handle and a votive candle and you've just created the perfect rail hanging light. Do a bunch of these and hang them from your porch railing to light the way for your guests. Easy, cheap and charming.   Hanging Railing Jars


7. Cupcake Lights

Cupcake holders aren't just for baked goods anymore. They can be used as festive lights. Just cut an X in the top of the liners and place them over a long string of lights that you can buy at any hardware store. Cover all the lights with different coloured cupcake liners for a fun and unique look that will leave everyone at your gathering in the mood to party.  Cupcake Lights


8. Tea Lights

You likely have tonnes of tea light holders lying around your house that you only use inside for dinner parties. Well, now it's time to bring them outside. Tie a ribbon around them and hang them around the trees in your backyard. Or, place them inside small, colourful lanterns and place them around your patio. It will be instantly transformed into a romantic, tranquil area. Tea Lights


9. Hula Hoop

Why not make an outdoor toy into an outdoor light? This is so simple and unique it will have everyone envious of your decorative skills. All you have to do is wrap a hula hoop in ribbon or lace and then tie icicle lights around it and hang it up over an outdoor table or patio. It will create a chandelier like no other you've seen before. Hula Hoop


10. Solar Light Chandelier

This idea is so easy and cheap you will wonder why you didn't think of it before. To make your outdoor lighting eco-friendly all you have to do is replace the outdoor chandelier bulbs you already have with solar lights. No electricity is needed. All you have to remember to do is make sure it's placed in a sunny area a few hours before you need it.Solar Light Chandelier