Get inspired to add a fresh pop of color to your home, without paint.  Yes, these creative ideas will help you to brighten up a room without having to commit to actually painting a wall.  See 7 creative ways to add a splash of color to your home - no painting required!

1. Brighten Up a Bookshelf

Amp up the “wow” factor on an otherwise boring bookshelf by adding some scrapbook paper, or wallpaper behind the shelves.  The splash of color will catch the attention of your guests - and ensure that the books and souvenirs that you’ve placed on the shelves get noticed. Brighten up a bookshelf

2. Use Colorful Cushions

A brightly colored, or boldly patterned cushion can have a big impact in a space. Plus, they’re usually fairly inexpensive and are easy to change, so it’s ok to pick up a few pillows in the season’s latest trends.  A more daring (and more permanent) take on this color-adding solution is to use piping in a bold shade on an otherwise neutral upholstered piece, like a couch or a chair. Use colorful cushions

3. Hang Framed Wallpaper

Get the look of wallpaper without worrying about the hassle of removing it later.  Choose to hang a large piece of wallpaper in one frame, or a few smaller pieces in smaller frames.  The latter is a great way to use up any scrap wallpaper that you may have lying around.  Brightly colored paintings or other photographs work well, too. Hang framed wallpaper

4. Look for Colorful Fixtures

There is more to light fixtures than the standard chrome, brass, or black/brown shades.  In fact, if you do a little research, it’s possible to find different lighting in almost all of the colors of the rainbow.  Of course, if you don’t have the budget for a new piece, you can always spray paint an old fixture a new hue. Look for colorful fictures

5. Add Trim to Curtains

Adding some colorful trim to otherwise neutral colored curtains is a great way to sneak a hint of color into your space.  If you’re handy enough to be able to make your own, adding trim in an expensive fabric that you love can help make your hand-made curtains look like they were bought in a high-end store. Add trim to curtains

6. Go Natural

Plants help freshen the air in your home, add color, and depending on the varieties you choose, can have a wonderful sculptural quality that enhances your decor.  With so many colorful florals to choose from, you’ll have lots of opportunity to find the perfect splash of color for your space. Go natural

7. Invest in a Rug

A good area rug can be expensive, however, it’s certainly worth it when it comes to reflecting your room’s sense of style.  If you find that you have fairly neutral decor, a rug that adds some color can be a welcome addition to your space.  Or, choose a pattern and have a few accent hues to draw on as you accessorize.invest in a rug