So you're a winer eh? Not like the way a toddler whines, of course. The way an adult loveeeeees to drink wine. Well, we have a Top 10 you are going to absolutely love because we just happen to have found the most unique and fun ways to store all your precious wine bottles. These DIY racks are one-of-a-kind beauties that will leave your guests green with envy as they talk endlessly about your creative  wine storage ideas. So go ahead, get that wine collection ready to be stored. Wine Storage Ideas

1. Reclaimed Palettes

You can easily make a wine storage wall rack by using reclaimed shipping palettes. Just nail together two or three boards for a back and then one across the front to hold the bottles in. Nail it to your wall and you have a cool, rustic rack to show off all your vintage bottles. You can even add a lower rack with holes cut into it to hold your glasses. Reclaimed Palettes

2. Plumber Pretty

All you need for this cool rack is a trip down the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store. Buy some PVC pipes and cut them to fit a bottle of wine. Glue a bunch of them together for a geometric wine rack that looks amazing sitting on your side table. You can even spray paint the pipes for your desired color. shutterstock_316763300

3. Wood Plank Wine Rack

All you need for this cool rack is a power tool, a wood plank and, of course, some wine bottles. Just bore holes big enough for the bottle necks to fit it at an angle and hang it on your wall. The bottles leaning on an angle will be a unique, fun look to dress up any wall. Wood Plank Wine Rack

4. Bike Trip

If you are an avid cyclist and want to take some wine along with you for an outing, just get some leather straps and attach them to the crossbar of your bike. Or, just put a basket on the handle bars and fill with wine. Just make sure you don't drink and cycle. Bike Trip

5. Delivery For You

The next time your FedEx guy drops off a parcel, you may want to think before throwing the box out. FebEx boxes made for shipping such things like golf clubs, or other long, skinny items, are perfect for wine storage. All you have to do is cut the box into shorter sections and stack them on top of each other. Place the wine bottles inside the holes and start enjoying your special delivery! 
Delivery for you


6. Built-In

One of the most attractive ways to store your wine collection is to make it part of the storage that already exists in your home. You can easily build in wine sections into your already existing cabinetry by placing X shelf inserts into a square space. Load up the wine bottles for a convenient, yet dignified, look. Built-In

7. Cardboard

Cardboard tube mailers are such an easy way to store your wine. Just glue a bunch of them together and on top of each other. Place them under a shelf in your home and start placing wine bottles inside for a one-of-a-kind and very cheap wine rack.Cardboard


8. Card Catalog

If you have an old card catalog unit in your home, you can turn it into a vintage liquor storage area. Just label the card slots with the name of what you're putting inside the drawer and you will know what drawer to open when your taste buds start calling.Card Catalog

9. Extra Space

If you have extra space on the side of your stove or anywhere else in your home – such as a narrow area that just seems to be wasting space – consider turning it into a storage area for your wine. Just add slots big enough to place a bottle in and you will no longer call this space wasted. Small spaces in your kitchen island are also the perfect space to store your vino. Extra Space

10. Tree Time

Grab an old branch from your yard and dig some holes along it that will hold the tops of wine bottles. Drill several holes throughout the branch for a cool, fun, funky look. Attach the branch to your wall and you will keep your guests talking for hours!Tree Time