If you're considering giving a room in your house a makeover, you are probably like me – confused, stressed and ignorant when it comes to words like paint palettes, backsplash and side panels. But that's not to say we can't get that room looking beautiful on our own. All we need is a little secret help from the pros. Below are some of the best-kept secrets from decorating professionals to help you on your way. Use these tips and save money on DIY projects instead of throwing it away on an expensive designer. That room will look magazine-cover ready in no time. Secrets of the Pros


1. Favorite Pieces

If you have an old piece of furniture or an antique item that you simply love but have no idea what to do with it, consider it your focal point. Put it on display in a room you are decorating and work around it. Find paint colours that match it or other unique finds that blend in with your theme. Once you start, you will realize it isn't as hard as it seems.

Favourite Pieces


2. Height

If you want your room to look larger, there are two ways to do it. Large mirrors in a room will add scale to it. As well, fill the room with low, shorter pieces of furniture to help the room look taller. These tips will help play tricks on your eyes and make that room look more spacious.



3. Window Trim

This part of a room is often overlooked but it is such a great way to make a room stand out. Paint the trim green to blend in with the landscape or any other color that suits the decor of the room. It will help the area pop out and is a great way to make a statement in an otherwise underused area. 



4. Big Comfy Couch

If you have kids, you know how messy they can be. And this is likely forcing you to put off spending money on the furniture you want. But don't let that be the case. Invest in a comfortable couch you can have forever. If you don't want to spend the money on expensive fabric for the furniture, you can still get the fabric you want by using it on covered cushions that will look amazing. And the simple thing about this is that when the kids are around, you can easily hide the expensive cushions. If you don't want your couch messy, you can always use slip covers that can come off easily when you have guests over.



5. Curtains

If there is one rule for hanging side panels on your windows, it's this – make sure they go ALL the way to the floor. Nothing looks worse that curtains that are too short. They look desperate and cheap. Even you you have to buy the next size up in store-bought drapes, it's essential you get them. All you have to do is hem them a little.



6. Mix it Up

Matching your table setting can be expensive and really isn't designer-recommended. So look online and in thrift shops for antique china and silverware that pop on your dinner table. They will look beautiful and will have your guests asking where you got them from. They will feel more special to you than ones you bought in a box at the mall.

Mix it Up


7. Pillow Time

When you think about accenting your furniture, pillows should be on your list of items to buy. But there is rule – don't just use small single ones. It looks skimpy. Use at least two pairs per side of your couch – in contrasting patterns, colours and textures. It will help your sofa pop, adding a fun focal point to the room. Remember, don't match them. Use your creativity and have a little fun. 



8. Bathroom

If you are designing your bathroom and want to make it look larger than it really is, there is a simple way to do it – invest in a glass shower door. You may think you need an opaque curtain or frosted glass for privacy but, really, who is going to see you in the shower? A glass door will instantly add footage to the room. Also, if you're laying tiles, run them along the floor and straight into the shower stall to add length to the room. Using different flooring will only interrupt the space and make it look smaller. Bathroom


9. Dining Room

Nothing says boring like a beautiful dining room table surrounded by the same eight chairs. I mean, you wouldn't put eight identical chairs in your living room right? So why do it in a dining room? Make the room fun and inviting by adding in different coloured chairs. Throw in a bench for seating that will leave your guests feeling comfortable and friendly. Make it an exciting place to eat where people can have fun instead of feeling like they are at a black-tie event or business meeting.

Dining Room


10. Skirting the Issue

If you have a lot of legs showing – furniture legs, that is, you may want to consider covering them up. A lot of chair and table legs can make a room look busy and cold. Try adding a skirted piece to the room to cover up legs on a sofa or chair. Not only will it look pretty and romantic, it can add some extra storage to the room.Skirting the Issue