This year, there's no need to dread redoing your home look for the holidays. By following a few simple tips you can reinvent your interior for the holiday season and impress family and guests with your sense of style.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a home for the holidays is with a wreath. Instead of going to a big box store and buying a generic one, try making a homemade wreath out of citrus fruits. Start with some florist's foam, cut it into a circle, and then use bamboo skewers to secure large fruits like oranges to the wreaths. Toothpicks can hold smaller fruits like kumquats and clementine’s. When the wreath is covered, just tie or hang onto a door.

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It's easy to reinvent everyday holiday items like ornaments into fresh new displays and centerpieces. Just place some vintage metal or glass ball ornaments on a cake stand or serving platter, surround them with leaves and evergreen sprigs, and you have a brand new centerpiece for your holiday table. While decorating the table for a holiday dinner, you can go one step further and tie parchment paper or a similar paper around each plate with a ribbon and create personalized place settings for each guests. Drape greenery around the door to create a cozy holiday atmosphere as guests come in.

If you have a fireplace with a mantel in your home, don't forget to take full advantage of the space that symbolizes the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season. Decorate the top of the mantelpiece with votive tea lights nestled in greens, or with scented candles cradled in pine cones. Use warm colors to complement the flame of a roaring fire, and don't forget the red and green.

If you have any leftover ribbon, surprise your holiday guests by tying pieces of it around champagne flutes for added flare. The ribbons come in handy as a way to keep track of whose glass belongs to who.

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