Cleaning is something that we all have to do, even though we’d probably rather be doing anything else.  It’s not fun, but totally necessary - unless you want to end up living in a place that could be on an episode of Hoarders… that’s WAY less fun.  These DIY cleaning hacks make cleaning up a breeze - and use stuff that you probably already have sitting in your cupboard.  Read on to learn more.


1. Wax On, Wax Off

Your car wax can help make your stovetop look like new again!  Just apply a thin layer of your go-to car wax, and wipe it off with a clean, soft rag, or paper towel.  This also helps make future-spill-cleanup really easy.  Foods that usually make a big mess will wipe right up thanks to that thin layer of wax.Wax On, Wax Off


2. Blinds and Vinegar

The biggest reason most people don’t clean their blinds very often is because most methods involve actually removing them from the window first.  This DIY cleaning hack has no such requirement!  Simply mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl, put an old sock on your hand, and use it to run the mixture over your blinds.  A second old sock can be used to wipe away dampness once you’ve cleaned each of the slats.Blinds and Vinegar


3. Heat Up to Disappear

Before you think about totally refinishing your wooden coffee table thanks to all of those nasty water rings on the top, try this tip first.  Hold a blow dryer on high close to the ring.  That extra heat should cause rings to disappear in just a few minutes.  Add a little bit of olive oil once the rings are gone to recondition the wood.Heat Up to Disappear


4. Iron Carpet Stains Away

If you have kids or pets, you probably also have a few stubborn stains on your carpet.  Remove them easily with a little vinegar, water, an iron and a clean rag.  Mix two parts water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray the stain.  Dampen the rag and lay it flat over the spot.  Iron the rag on the steam setting for about 30-seconds.  When you pull up the rag, you should pull up the stain as well.  (Bonus: vinegar is great for removing odors!)Iron Carpet Stains Away


5. Tinfoil, Tinfoil, Tinfoil!

The best cleaning hacks are ones that don’t require cleaning in the first place!  Line baking trays, or toaster trays with tinfoil before using them.  That way, any mess gets on the tinfoil - not the tray.  Remove tinfoil and throw away.  Put the tray back in the drawer.  No cleaning required! Tinfoil, Tinfoil, Tinfoil!


6. Clean Two Things at Once

Microwaving your dish sponge is a great way to kill any bacteria.  It’ll also help to clean any stuck on grossness in your microwave in the process.  Simply microwave a damp sponge or cloth on high for two minutes.  Grab the sponge (and an oven mitt to protect your hand), and wipe the inside of the microwave clean.Clean Two Things at Once


7. Dryer Sheet Dust-Up

Dusting with dryer sheets not only picks up today’s dust, it also supposedly helps to repel future dust.  So a little cleaning now, means less cleaning later.  Don’t forget to do the baseboards, too!  You’ll be glad you did.Dryer Sheet Dust-Up


8. Make Your Own Febreze

Febreze certainly gets rid of odors.  But, constantly buying those bottles can be expensive - and there’s some debate over how healthy it is to be regularly breathing in some of the chemicals found in the brand name stuff.  Making your own solves both problems.  It’s cheaper, and you can control exactly what’s in it!  Simply Frugal has a recipe, which uses baking soda, fabric softener, and your favorite essential oil.homemade-febreze


9. Lemon Shine

A little citrus and baking soda can help to make your sink shine!  And this natural cleaning solution works on a variety of different materials - even stainless steel.  Rinse your sink with water, then cut a lemon (or lime) in half, dip in a bowl of baking soda, and apply to the sink.  Reapply as needed.  Rinse the sink with warm water.  (Note: If you’re cleaning stainless steel, always go with the grain.)Lemon Shine


10. Chalk It Up

Grease stains can be hard to get out in the wash.  In fact, they may need to be removed at the dry cleaners.  But, before you grumble about having to pay to have your clothes cleaned, try putting some chalk on those pesky grease stains before putting your clothes in the wash.  The chalk should help to remove the stain - and allow you to avoid a trip to the cleaners.Chalk It Up