Your backyard shed doesn’t just have to be a dumping ground for gardening and DIY tools. Take advantage of the space and transform your shed into something spectacular. From a gym to a playhouse, there are endless possibilities as to what you can convert it into. To help get your creative juices flowing here are 12 ideas of how you can renovate your shed.

1. Summer House

Enjoy the summertime in the garden with your very own summer house. Clear out the debris and tidy up your shed to create more space. You can leave the flooring how it is or add a nice rug to give it a more cosy feel. Then place furniture such as an armchair or a table inside the shed, so you can sit down and relax. Cushions and blankets are a good addition for when it gets a bit chilly, and a pretty lantern will light up your summer house when it starts getting dark.

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2. Gym

Bring the gym home by converting your shed into a designated workout space. Save space in your house by storing all of your exercise equipment inside the shed. Once you are happy with the layout of equipment, kit it out with useful features such as speakers for your music and a TV for your workout videos.

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3. Office

Create a home office environment without the distractions, by transforming your shed into your very own personal study. First of all, you will need to install electricity into the shed so you can use your computer and other electronic devices. Once you have enough sockets in place, insulate the walls and the roof so you can comfortably use the shed all year round. Then start moving furniture in such as a nice desk, chair and shelves, before placing your electronics inside. If you want to make it more homely, hang up some pictures and place a cosy rug on the floor.

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4. Games Room

Create an awesome games room for you and your friends and family to chill out in. A pool table is a great addition to the home, and by having it stored in the shed you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in the house. Other fun games you could place in the shed include foosball, a darts board or even a games console. Depending on the age group you are planning on entertaining in the games room, installing a small bar area with stools will come in useful for adult guests.

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5. Art Studio

Unleash your creativity by designing and building your very own art studio. Install shelves to store all of your paints, paint brushes, pads and other art supplies and prevent them being tangled up in a mess. Install a large table so you have plenty of space to work on your art projects and place a comfortable seat nearby to relax on. Also ensure you have decent lighting so you can clearly see the masterpiece you are creating. If you are working late at night, you will quickly realise that good lighting is one of the best investments you can make.

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6. Music Studio

Design a new rehearsal space for you and your band so you can play music to your heart’s content. The first step should definitely be soundproofing your shed so you don’t disturb the neighbours. That way you can crank up the volume without worrying you’re making too much noise. Install hooks so you can hang up your guitars and make sure you have plenty of plug sockets for your electrical equipment. Then just move in your musical instruments and rock on!

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7. Bar

Instead of going to your local bar, create a social hub for you and your friends at home by transforming your shed into a small pub or bar. Install shelves to hold your favourite spirits and have a designated fridge for beers and other bottled drinks to keep them ice cold. Fit a bar and some barstools so you can sit and relax while you enjoy your drink, and if you have a favourite beer or ale, install some pumps so you can have it on draught. You can then design the bar any way you want, but we suggest adding a darts board or snooker table to keep your guests entertained as they enjoy a drink or two.

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8. Playhouse

Transform your shed into a fun playhouse for your children. Paint the outside in a pretty pastel color and add flower boxes outside for decoration. Decorate the inside with fairy lights and place a rug on the floor to give it a cosy feel. Add a table and chairs so your children can draw and paint, and place a cupboard nearby to store their arts and craft supplies as well as any toys they like to play with.

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9. Library

If you’re a bookworm, create a comfy retreat to relax and read your books in, by turning your shed into a home library. Install several bookshelves inside the shed so you can store your whole collection of books safely inside. Add a comfortable armchair for you to rest in and a heater to keep you warm, especially during the winter. Then enjoy the peace and quiet as you read one of your favourite books.

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10. Theater

Convert an ordinary shed into an amazing home theater. Place a large sofa inside for your family or friends to sit on, or if you want to create an authentic theater, you can buy traditional theater style seats. Install a large flat screen TV to display your movies on, and build some shelves to showcase your selection of DVD’s. Then add the finishing touch by framing posters of your favourite films and hanging them up on the walls.

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11. Dog House

Renovate your shed into a loving home for your furry friend. This is a perfect place for your dog if you don’t trust them in your home unsupervised. You can insulate the shed and add air conditioning so it will always remain at a comfortable temperature for your dog, regardless of what the weather's like outside. Make the inside dog friendly by adding a dog bed, blankets, and food and water bowls. Finally install a dog door so the dog can easily go in and out of the house and do their business.

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12. Workshop

Keep your tools in your shed and turn it into a DIY workshop. You are always going to be carrying out DIY jobs to maintain your home and garden so you may as well have a space to do it in. Build sustainable shelves and wall hooks in your shed to store all of your equipment and DIY supplies on. Then place a suitably sized table inside that is big enough to accommodate your DIY projects, and a chair to prevent you getting back strain while you work.

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