A bedroom is not complete without a stylish headboard to act as a focal point for the room. The problem with headboards is they can be awfully expensive. The good news is that you can make your own headboard for a lot less. It also doesn’t take an expert to make one. Here are some simple and fairly inexpensive ways to add some style to your sleeping quarters.

1. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead

You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to build a brand new upholstered headboard from scratch. If you follow these detailed instructions from Money Hip Mamas, you’ll be able to create your own personalized headboard which will have you feeling like you’re living a life of luxury—for a lot less!Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead

2. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

If you’re looking for a rustic addition to your bed, then try building a headboard out of reclaimed wood! Not only is reclaimed wood easy on the budget, but it’s also environmentally friendly!
Reclaimed Wood Headboard

3. Upcycled Door Headboard

Another environmentally-friendly option is to repurpose an old door and turn it into a shabby chic headboard. All you need is a dose of creativity and a few instructions. Check out this handy tutorial from Bob Vila.
Upcycled Door Headboard

4. Faux Tiled Headboard

You can create the look of luxury for a lot less by making your own faux tile headboard. Simply stick foam faux tiles on your wall using Scotch Mounting Tape. It shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes and better yet, it’ll cost you less than $20!
Faux Tiled Headboard

5. Mantel Moulding Headboard

Add a dash of elegance to your bedroom by installing a moulding headboard. Purchase moulding and paint or stain it to match the color of your room. Once the paint has dried, attach it to a homemade frame. This template from Ana White will show you how anyone can make this stylish Pottery Barn-inspired headboard.Mantel Moulding Headboard

6. Button Tufted Headboard

Are you into the classics? Then this headboard may be for you! If you’re a fan of historical décor or just want to add a touch of royal elegance to your sleeping space, this DIY button tufted headboard is exactly what you’ve been looking for to add some style to your bedchamber.
Button Tufted Headboard

7. Stenciled Headboard

Stencils are an easy way to add personality and polish to any headboard. Make your own stencil or choose from many of the premade designs available and let your imagination run wild! As a bit of the cheat, you can also design your own vinyl decal and apply that instead.
Stenciled Headboard

8. Old Shutter Headboard

If you happen to be able to get your hands on some old shutters, recycle them into this retro and rustic headboard and it’ll only take you minutes. Simply paint them whatever color you want and then attach them to the wall at the head of your bed. It’s not only a conversation piece, this headboard has the added plus of making you feel like it’s summer all-year-round!Old Shutter Headboard