It's time to get outside, enjoy the warm weather and spice up your backyard entertainment area. Don't have any money you say? Well, thanks to us, you won't need much. We have several ideas for your outdoor projects that you can do all by yourself for little or no money at all. And the best part of these ideas is that they will transform your backyard into an oasis that looks like it was professionally done. So put on your creative hat and get ready to put those hands to work. These ideas will leave your neighbours wondering who you hired to make your backyard one of the best they've seen all summer. Outdoor Project Ideas


1. Pool Noodles

If you have kids, you likely have a trampoline in your backyard to keep them entertained. Well, how about adding a little colour and fun to the boring trampoline by covering the springs with sliced up pool noodles. It will not only add an extra safety precaution, but you can use a bunch of different colour noodles to make it look fun and inviting. Just cut the pool noodles to the size of the spring and start attaching them around the entire trampoline. Pool Noodles


2. Pinecones

Those pinecones littering your backyard don't have to be a nuisance. Gather as many as you can and spread them around your plants and shrubs for bedding. They will look beautiful and will help keep dogs, cats and other pesky animals away from your plants. Pinecones


3. Shade

If you get a lot of sun in your backyard you will likely want some shade. A cheap and easy solution is to use some old curtains. Just hang a wire across the area you want the shade in – one side to your house and another to a pole or tree - and use the curtain holes to loop through the wire. You can pull the curtains across when you want shade and open them up when you want some sun. You can also use them to wrap around your porch area for shade and privacy.  Shade


4. Cinderblocks

Don't throw away those old cinderblocks you have stored in your garage. Instead, paint them a bright, summer color and place them together to create a table or flower boxes. You can use them as a welcome sign as well by painting WELCOME on them in a cool color. You can also place long pieces of wood through the holes of the blocks and some cushions on top of the wood to create a couch or sitting area for your guests. Cinderblocks


5. Bird Feeder

If you find sitting in your backyard and watching birds relaxing, you will want to put a feeder outside. If you don't want to buy one, just take an old chandelier that you have lying around, hang it from your porch, take the light bulbs out and place bird feed in each of the bulb circles. Even the birds will thank you for the beautiful and unique addition. Bird Feeder


6. Glowing

If you can't afford solar lights to brighten up your walking paths in your backyard, no worries. All you need are some pebbles and some glow-in-the-dark paint. Spray the pebbles and scatter them along your walkway. They will light up the path at night and look beautiful during the day. Glowing


7. Fairy Visit

Your kids will LOVE this idea. If you have an old tree stump in your backyard, don't call in the professionals to get rid of it. Instead, decorate it to resemble a fairy house. Place a little roof over it, glue on some tiny doll house windows and door and voila – a little home for the fairies to visit. If you don’t have doll house windows or a door you can just carve them into the tree stump. You can even leave little treats outside and tell your kids that the fairy made a visit while they were sleeping and left them a gift. It will keep your kids entertained for hours. Fairy Visit


8. Pillow Rug

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard this idea is for you. Whether you enjoy sitting down for picnics with your kids or inviting neighbors over for an outdoor movie night, a pillow quilt is the perfect place to relax. Just get a bunch of soft pillows from your house and sew them together. Your guests will enjoy the comfort of it so much they may never leave. Pillow Rug


9. Wine Bottles

When you're finished that last sip of your vino, don't throw out the bottle. Instead, paint them, turn them upside down and place the top into the ground. Line them around your garden for a beautiful and unique garden edge. Cheap and classic. Wine Bottles


10. Garden Hooks

A lot of us hang flower baskets on hooks in our backyard. But those hooks don't have to be for baskets of flowers. Purchase some solar lights from the dollar store and hang them along the hooks to light up your backyard. It will look romantic at night while you are entertaining. Best part is that you don't have to worry about plugging in the lights or paying to use them. All they need is a little sun so make sure you place the hooks in areas that get a lot of sun so the lights can charge during the day.Garden Hooks