You may not realize it yet, but you need a rug pad. From keeping things clean to helping extend the life of your rug, this is something important.

Discover if You Need a Rug Pad

Discover if You Need a Rug Pad

Most people find that the pads are well worth the cost and make a real difference in their homes.

Keep Clean With Rug Pads

If you’re like most people, anything easy that you can do to keep your home clean is a win. The less work you have to put into keeping the place tidy, the better. One of the most important reasons that you need a rug pad centers on cleanliness. How much foot traffic do the Oriental rugs in your home actually see? The more people are walking on your rug, the dirtier it is going to be.

Rug pads have a special texture that helps them catch some of the dirt and debris from your rug, preventing it from sitting on the floor and leaving a mess. The ridges and bumps of rug pads work to allow air to circulate between your rug and the floor. This makes vacuuming a rug easier and more effective. With a pad underneath, you might notice that your rug seems to stay a little cleaner and the surface below the rug is cleaner. If you have concerns about wet spills in the area, rug pads serve to soak up some of the liquid, preventing it from damaging the flooring underneath the rug.


Walking from one side of a room to another in your home should be a pleasant experience. However, rugs that are thin do not always offer the right amount of padding, making it seem like you are just walking along a hard surface. The pads for rugs actually add a layer of cushioning, and in some cases, they can create a lush rug surface. You may just be tempted to walk around barefoot a little more if you have pads under all your oriental rugs.

The padding is great for adding a little cushioning, but it also serves another purpose. The pad works to absorb some of the noise in a room. Noises sound toned down. This can be the noise made when someone is walking across the room or the noise created by children playing in the area. Either way, this bit of noise dampening can make a real difference in the dynamics of a room.


Extends Life

Rug pads work to extend the life of your rugs. Because they keep a rug in place, there is left shifting and less rubbing on the bottom surface. This ensures that the accessory to the flooring is going to last longer. It reduces friction and in many ways, it can prevent a rug from looking too old too fast. Working as a buffer, the pad also prevents fibers from being crushed, taking away from the overall look. Adding a pad means fewer replacements.

In addition to ensuring that the rugs last longer, it also can give you a little bit of room in between rug cleanings. If you are sending them out or having a professional come in to handle the cleaning, this can also save you a little bit of money, making the pad well worth the investment. The pad is thin and doesn’t take up much space, but it can be a valuable asset to you and your flooring.

Extends Life


The rug isn’t the only beneficiary of a longer life. The flooring underneath also tends to last longer. This extra layer of protection works to prevent dirt from being ground into your carpet. It can also prevent scratches that are common to hardwood floors. If you don’t want your carpet to look worn down where you have a laid a rug or you don’t want the floors to look scratched or show blemishes from the friction of movement, a rug pad is a great choice.

Most people don’t think about a rug leaving behind marks on carpet, but after rug cleaning, there is a chance that the colors can bleed into the carpet if the surface is wet. This can completely erase all of the benefits that come with rug cleaning. Instead, you need a rug pad to add a layer of protection for the flooring underneath, giving you a little extra peace of mind.


One of the most important reasons you need a rug pad is safety. If you’ve ever walked on any type of moving surface, you know that the results can be unpleasant. It isn’t just about slipping around; falling can be even worse. With the help of a pad, the rug stays in place as you move over the top of it. It doesn’t matter if you are walking or running - things will not be moving around, causing a hazard to you and everyone in the house.

If you want an extra level of security, consider using double-sided tape to attach the pad. This way, there is more of a connection between the two items and even less chance of slipping. It can also prevent any type of wrinkles on the surface. This does more than just improve appearances. It can work to ensure that no one trips over the edges when walking past.