Easy Closet Organization: The Ultimate Guide

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: January 28, 2015
Last Update: February 6, 2023

easy closet organizationNo matter how hard we try, it can be incredibly difficult to keep our closets under control.  There’s limited space, and usually, we have to share it.  Sure, we promise to thin down what we have, and donate tops or pants that we don’t wear, but it’s hard to find the time.  Hidden away in the bedroom, the closet door can easily be closed and the mess forgotten about – that is, until we have to enter the clothing vortex to try and get dressed for the day.

However, closet organization doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, it’s pretty easy to ensure that your closet space – no matter how small – is a space that’s practical, inviting, and orderly.  Read our four tips below for easy closet organization:

1. Schedule Times to Check-in on Your Closet

With busy work, social, and family lives, it’s important to make the time to really have a good look at your closet and everything in it.  Schedule times around the changing of the seasons to check in on your closet and take a good look at what you’re wearing and what you’re not.  Spending a couple of hours every quarter reexamining your wardrobe is a great way to save time daily as you get ready for work, or special events.

2. Store Off-Season Clothing

The fastest way to end up with a closet in disarray is when it’s filled with too many clothes.  You won’t wear a wool sweater in the summer heat, so it doesn’t need to be taking up space in your closet during the warmer months.  Invest in some storage containers to keep your off-season clothing neat and tidy, while using your closet for storing in-season clothing only.

3. Flip Hangers Backwards

This simple trick is a great way to identify which pieces you wear each season, and which ones that you don’t.  As you’re getting your closet ready for the next season,  turn around all of the hangers in the closet so that they face backwards and hang up  your clothes as you normally would.  Once you wear an item of clothing, hang it back in the closet with the hanger facing the right way around.  At the end of the season, when you check-in on your closet, the clothing that’s still hanging on backwards hangers are the items that you’re not wearing – when looking for ways to slim down your closet, look to the pieces on the backwards hangers, first.

4. Invest in Wooden Hangers

Plenty of closets contain a mash up of wooden, plastic, and – gasp! – wire hangers.  To really make your wardrobe look great, invest in matching wooden hangers, and ditch the rest.  Hanging clothes on matching hangers will not only make your closet look more inviting, but will keep your clothes looking their best.  After all, most retailers use wooden hangers for their high quality clothing, so why not get some of your own to give your closet that luxury feel.

A little planning, and a small investment can help you turn your disorganized closet into an inviting, clutter-free space.