Artwork is a great way to add a little personality to your home, and make it feel more inviting.  However, that perfect piece often comes with an imperfectly large price tag.  Luckily there are lots of ways to make your own canvas art at home!  Not only is it a great way to spend an afternoon, you’ll end up with a completely custom piece that won’t break the bank.  Click “Next” to see easy DIY canvas art ideas for your home.


Stenciled Letters

With a thrift store painting, stencil letters, and some paint, you can turn your favorite saying or song lyrics into a work of art.  Simply use the letters to spell out your desired phrase, and then apply a coat of paint over the entire canvas.  Once it’s dry, remove the letters to reveal a little of the original painting underneath.

beatiful mess

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Herringbone Print

This painting may look complicated, but it’s easy enough to do at home.  With an old canvas, some painter's tape, a ruler, and paint colors to match your decor, you can create this beautiful herringbone print canvas yourself.  I Should be Mopping the Floor has the full tutorial.

how to paint herringbone easily

Image: I Should be Mopping the Floor


This simple canvas design would look great in a child’s room.  You can either start with a fresh canvas, or paint over one that you already have but aren’t using. First, decide how wide you’d like the stripes, and tape them off using painter’s tape.  Spray with spray paint and wait until everything’s dry before taping and painting the second set of stripes.  Then, use glitter and craft glue to create your sparkly shape (it would work well as an initial, too!). [Variety by Vashti]


Image: Pinterest

Photo Print

Printing photos on canvas has been around for a while, but getting them professionally printed and wrapped can be expensive.  This DIY on the other hand, can be completed for a lot less - about $10 - thanks to this guide from Lovely Etc.  With some basic materials, and a poster print of your desired photo, you’ll get the look of professionally printed pictures without the expense!


Image: Lovely Etc

Brush Strokes

You don’t need to enroll in a painting class to create this work of art.  A paintbrush, some paint, a canvas, and an eye for design are all that you need.  Of course, it’s a good idea to try out your designs on paper before actually committing them to canvas.  Visit homedit for the tutorial.


Image: homedit

Burlap Monogram

If the thought of picking up a paintbrush is a little intimidating, this DIY canvas art project could be the one for you!  Made completely with products that can be found at your local craft store, all you need to do is put everything together.  Armed with mod podge and a hot glue gun, this do-it-yourself canvas can be created in about an hour. [HomeTalk]


Image: HomeTalk

DIY Script

Even if you don’t have the best penmanship, you can create your own DIY script art for a look that’s oh-so-hot right now.  All you need is this little secret: a projector!  After laying out your desired text and font on your computer, resize it to fit underneath the projector and print it out.  Set the canvas up against a wall and position the text wherever you like, tracing around the letters with pencil to get a basic outline.  See the step-by-step guide at Love Grows Wild.


Image: Love Grows Wild

String Art

This tutorial uses cork board, but if you’d like to get this look on canvas, simply cut your layers of cork board to fit nicely inside of the back of the canvas.  That way, the nails will hold, and you’ll get that crisp finished look that canvas provides.  Honey and Fitz has the tutorial - and a free template for the pictured “dream” design.  Grab some embroidery string, a hot glue gun, and some linoleum nails and you’re ready to go!


Image: Honey and Fitz