If you’re hosting a party in the spring to celebrate Easter, decorate your home with some of these adorable DIY crafts. From a colorful Easter banner to quirky egg flower vases, there are many easy but effective crafts you can do. You don’t have to spend a fortune to carry out one of these projects, as many of the materials can be bought at a dollar store. Here are some of the best Easter party crafts you can create on a budget.


Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

These gorgeous vintage looking Easter eggs are surprisingly made with cheap plastic eggs from the dollar store. You can usually find a pack of six plastic eggs in any dollar store. It doesn't matter what color they are, as they will be covered up later on. Pick up some jute, lace, ribbon and vintage style buttons from the craft store to decorate your eggs. Start by placing a small amount of glue along the jute and wrap it round an egg until it is fully covered. To dress up the jute-covered egg, wrap lace and ribbon round the middle of it, and glue a decorative button on top. Then repeat these steps for the rest of the eggs.

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Peeps Houses

Craft an Easter treat that is almost too good to eat, by making these decorative houses for peeps. Break three graham crackers into halves, and use one half for the base. Attach three half crackers to the base with icing in a standing up position, and then 'glue' two halves together with icing for the roof. Once it's dry, attach the roof to the walls with icing and decorate the inside with candy eggs and Easter grass. Place one of your peeps inside and admire them in their new home.

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Easter Egg Banner

Brighten up your living room by creating an easy Easter banner to hang across your mantel. If you have a book you no longer need, take out some of its pages and cut out banner shapes. Use scraps of colored paper for the eggs and cut out two oval shapes in each color. To create a 3D effect, fold one egg shape in half and place glue along the fold. Attach the egg shape to the other egg with the same color, and glue it in the center of a banner piece. Repeat this step until all of the banner pieces have an egg glued on them. Then cut a piece of twine for the banner pieces to hang on, apply hot glue to the top of the pieces and fold them over the twine so they stick to it. Once the glue has dried, hang up your banner and marvel at your masterpiece.

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Easter Bunny Wreath

Create this adorable wreath with an Easter bunny perched inside, using items from the dollar store to decorate it. Start off with your wreath form and wrap it in burlap ribbon. Glue pink ric rac round two thirds of the wreath, and tie a double bow to the top of it with green and white ribbon. To create a grassy home for your bunny, wrap the the bottom third of the wreath with green eyelash yarn. Glue foam eggs onto the yarn, and place your ceramic bunny in the center and hot glue it to the wreath. Now all that's left to do is finding the best place to display your Easter themed wreath.

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Egg Flower Vases

Make unique vases for your flowers out of empty eggshells. Carefully drill a hole into the top of the eggs and remove enough of the shell so that flowers can fit inside. Empty the contents of the eggs into a bowl so you can use it later in your cooking. Rinse and dry the eggshells, and glue the eggs upright onto a small mirror using melted candle wax. Pour water into the shells and place a flower in each of the eggs. Then just place them by a window or in the middle of a table as a centerpiece.

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Easter Candy Jars

Place your Easter treats into a fun glittery jar which has been customized with cute bunny and chick faces. Start by painting a thin layer of decoupage over the jar (but not the lid), and sprinkle glitter over it. If you want to make a chick, use yellow glitter, but if you prefer a bunny, clear glitter works well. To make a chick, cut out small feet and a beak from orange foam and glue the feet to the bottom of the jar, so that they stick out. Glue the beak in the center of the jar, and also two googly eyes above the beak to make the face. For the bunny, cut out two ears from white foam, and then cut out two smaller ears in pink foam and glue the white and pink ears together. Attach them to the lid of the jar, and glue a pink pom at the bottom of the jar for the tail. Make a face by gluing two googly eyes onto the front of the jar, along with a small white pom pom for the nose, and whiskers cut out from the pink foam. Then just fill up the jars with your favorite Easter candy.

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Framed Button Egg

Create a pretty framed decor piece using buttons to celebrate Easter and the start of spring. Print an egg pattern onto a piece of 8.5 x 11 white card stock and then trim it to 8x10. Gather an assortment of different sized buttons in three colors. Glue buttons of the first color over the top part of the egg pattern, then glue buttons with the second color in the middle, and finally glue the buttons in the third color at the bottom. Depending on how many buttons you have, add a second or third layer on top. After the glue has dried, place the cardstock into a suitably sized frame and hang it up.

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Bunny Gumball Machine

Create an adorable Easter scene inside a decorative container designed to look like a gumball machine. To make the machine, you will need a flower pot, candy jar with a lid, and a wood finial or drawer knob. Apart from the jar, paint all of these items with chalky finish paint. Place floral moss into the bottom of the jar and glue foam bunnies on top of it. After the paint has dried, put the lid on the candy jar and glue the finial or knob in the middle of the lid. Turn the flower pot upside down and cover the bottom with glue before pressing the candy jar on top. For the final touch, tie a cute ribbon around the gumball machine where the jar joins the flower pot and you're done!

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