The weather outside may be frightful, but your home can feel warm and cozy during the winter season. Kick your living space up a notch with these eight indoor winter décor ideas for your home!


Neutral Base

When thinking of winter decoration, often pale colours come to mind in keeping with the chilly weather outside. We recommend starting your décor with warm, neutral base tones to celebrate the wintery season. These can be in your paint colours, furniture, or other larger items.

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Pops of Colour

While neutrals are a great place to start, we suggest adding in a few pops of colour to make the space feel warm. Colour will help dispel any winter blues you might be feeling! These can be seen in accent and décor pieces, such as throws, pillows, vases and candles.



Capturing Light

Days are shorter during the winter season, especially in December. Mirrors are excellent for reflecting light around a room, so we recommend putting mirrors in place of artwork while the days are short. The mirrors will make rooms feel lighter and larger for longer! Try finding a mirror with a unique frame or design element for visual interest.



Focus on the Fire

This tip is for those who have a fireplace. As temperatures dip, create a cozy entertaining spot by rearranging your furniture to surround your hearth for winter entertaining. Family and guests will feel warm and welcome! Don’t have a fireplace? Many furniture and electronics stores carry entertainment stands with a built-in electric fireplace! Ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, you may be able to pick one of these up on a Boxing Day special for much less.



Simple Slips

Want to dress up your dining room for holiday entertainment without splurging? Check out dining chair slip covers at your local home décor store. For as little as $30 each, slipcovered chairs add warmth and a fresh new look for your space during the entertaining season.


Cozy Layers

Common spaces aren’t the only rooms that could use some sprucing up this winter. Replace silky sheets and light blankets with flannels and textured bedding for added coziness during harsh winter weather!



Toasty Toes

Hardwood, laminate, concrete and tile floors may be both beautiful and practical, but they certainly aren’t welcoming to bare feet in the cold winter. Your toes will thank you if you throw down a funky shag rug!



Scents of the Season

Smell is one of the most important senses, and few things warm us more than the scent of a crackling fire or fresh coffee on Christmas morning. Fill your home with seasonal candles or a fragrant bowl of potpourri. We recommend festive scents like cinnamon, crackling fire, vanilla or pine needles.