Save yourself the time and stress of trying to install your own garage flooring by following our helpful tips on how to find an expert to do the job.


Finding the Right Person for the Job

When you install a garage floor it needs to be tough and durable so it is able to withstand oil and chemical stains, and common types of damage. To ensure you get a high quality floor covering for your garage, you need to find the right garage floor contractors. To help you choose the best person for the job, we have put together a guide on how to find local garage flooring experts.

Finding the Right Person for the Job


Decide What Type of Flooring you Want

Before you start seeking out garage flooring companies, you need to consider the different options. To help you determine what type of flooring you want, carry out research on the variety of coatings and coverings available to you. If your garage has a lot of surface problems like cracks and pockmarks, a covering is probably the best option as it can hide damage better than a coating. However if your flooring is in good condition, you can choose to either have a floor covering or coating. Once you’ve learned about the different types of garage flooring, decide whether you want to have bold or light colored floor. After you have acquired enough knowledge on flooring, this should help narrow down the search to just contractors which offer what you want.


Only Hire a Contractor Who is Licensed and Insured

Before hiring garage floor contractors you need to make sure that they have a proper license for the job. When you start making inquiries with contractors and companies, ask if they have a license. Most states require them to have a contractors license for concrete floor coating, so if they don’t have one, do not proceed with them any further. For those that confirm they have a license, ask for their license number so you can check it on the internet to make sure it is valid. Afterwards ask for a copy of their insurance, to ensure that if any damages are incurred at the property, the costs of repair will be covered. Reputable contractors are usually bonded as well as insured which provides you with extra protection during the installation process. A bond will protect you if the contractor fails to complete the job after you have already paid them or they don’t meet a financial obligation for materials or labor.

Only Hire a Contractor Who is Licensed and Insured


Check the Reputation of Garage Flooring Companies

Just because a contractor is licensed and insured, it doesn’t guarantee that they have a good reputation. To find out further information about their reputation, check with the consumer protection agency in your state to determine whether they are a suitable choice. Most of them will have a website which allows you to do a quick check on the company and see if there have been any actions filed against them. You can also check their reputation by contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as looking at reviews online. It’s worth bearing in mind that online reviews aren’t always the most reliable, as some garage flooring companies purposely manipulate the ratings to make their business appear more desirable.


Ask Friends and Family About Garage Floor Installers

If your friends or family have had their garage flooring recently installed by one of the garage floor coating companies, ask them about their experience. By receiving a first person account of a contractor company they have dealt with, you will get an honest opinion. They probably carried out research beforehand of different contractors, so take note of the ones they approve of. In addition to this, list down all of the contractors they disapprove of, or have had a bad experience with, so you know who to avoid.


Find out How Long Potential Contractors Have Been in Business

When contacting contractors you should find out how long they have been in business for. If they have been offering their services for five years or more, this is a good sign that they are a reputable company you can trust. If they have been set up for a shorter amount of time, you shouldn’t disregard them straight away. Many garage floor coating companies are set up by established contractors or installers who have a lot of experience in the business. To confirm whether they have a good reputation, ask for their references so you can get a better idea of who they are as a company.

Find out How Long Potential Contractors Have Been in Business


Request References

Quality garage floor installers will have positive references on hand to give to you, so make sure you ask to see them. If they say they don’t have any or can’t provide up to date references, this indicates that they might have had a bad experience with a client in the past. As well as looking at references, ask to see their portfolio of work so you can see the quality of their floor coating. If they don’t seem to keep a portfolio, ask them why. If they were proud of their work, they would want to show it off, so be wary if they don’t have any pictures.


Only Accept Contracts and Warranties in Writing

Once you have found a contractor you would like to hire, make sure they have written contracts and warranties. A reputable company will have a detailed contract which states the materials and type of coating system they are going to use for your garage floor. If you agree on any other details such as start and work completion dates, make sure they are in there too. This way you will have confirmation in writing, and the contractor is obliged to meet your requests. For warranties, make sure you read the small print to ensure that you are protected in case anything goes wrong. After your flooring is installed you might encounter problems, and if these aren’t covered in the warranty it could cost you a lot of money to fix them.