Given the broad range of products available, you’ll want some expert advice to get the best shower door for your bathroom.

Discover the best shower door for your bathroom

Instead of a dull shower door, you can try out a custom door and spruce up your bathroom quickly.

Opening doors

A hot and luxurious shower at the end of the day rejuvenates your energy while keeping you feeling fresh and clean. The shower experience soothes and calms both your mind and body so you can relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones before winding down to sleep. A bathroom that is in poor condition can make this experience unpleasant, however. While bathroom remodels can be a pricey affair, you do not have to splurge all at once. For example, you can start by replacing the shower door. For the best results, you need to consider a few crucial factors when embarking on the process of installing the best shower door for your bathroom.

Consider functionality and design

In its simplest capacity, a shower door should allow you to shower in privacy, oblivious to the goings-on around you. It is common for people to get lost in their thought as they enjoy the beautiful feeling of the warm water falling on their bodies. Containing the water inside the shower is of primary importance, but that does not mean you have to compromise on the design. Custom shower doors provide a refined solution for a watertight seal and privacy while allowing you easy access to the bathroom. They are available in a diverse range of designs to suit every unique style without compromising on safety and water containment. For example, frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass, giving your bathroom a minimalist yet elegant look. Their transparent nature helps you to highlight the intricate tile patterns inside the shower.

Consider functionality and design

Consider the cost implications

As with any custom job, a frameless shower door cost is a tad higher than the conventional bathroom shower doors. The lack of a frame necessitates the use of a thicker glass variety to make up for the bulk. In many cases, these doors can weigh almost 100 pounds and require sturdy hardware made of solid brass to hold them in place. However, you can customize them to any shape and design to cast your bathroom in the most positive light and mirror your style. Similarly, shower door installation requires specific expertise, calling for a professional to execute the task. Therefore, you should set aside sufficient funds when picking the best shower door for your bathroom. For the best results, request quotes from different but credible companies that offer bathroom remodeling services.

Consider the cost implications

Hire a professional to carry out the shower door installation

As tempting as it might be to complete the installation process yourself, it is highly advisable that you retain the services of an expert. In addition to the layout of the room, a professional considers the wall components and the best location for the supporting studs. Knowing the strength of the walls can help determine the weight of the bathroom shower doors that can be safely accommodated. Such an approach increases the longevity of the door. Additionally, the process of cutting the glass is quite tricky and requires utmost precision. Experts take the measurements before installing frameless shower doors for a precise fit. For the best results, you need precision as high as one-sixteenth of an inch to create a watertight seal. A professional service can install a frameless door that suits showers of any style and shape.

Hire a professional to carry out the shower door installation

Consider the style and design

Unlike the conventional varieties, custom shower doors made of glass lend an airy and spacious look to your bathroom. While a frameless shower door cost varies significantly, you can have your pick from a variety of glass designs. Some of the effects, such as patterned, frosted and textured glass, turn the doors into works of art. A professional will help you pick one that suits your lifestyle while lending elegance to the bathroom. Aside from the aesthetics, you need doors that open in the most convenient manner. If you have limited floor space but a large opening, you can opt for sliding doors and make the most of the space you have available.

Consider the best accessories

When installing custom shower doors, you should not skimp on the accessories that hold them in place. For example, frameless shower doors require heavy-duty yet elegant hinges to keep them in place. A perfect fit on the glass surface is necessary to avoid any movement or pressure that could lead to cracks developing on the door. Again, the hinges need to have a soft closing mechanism that allows the door to open and close gently without any banging actions. Frequent banging could lead to small cracks that can grow over time and lower the lifespan of your bathroom door.

Consider safety

Besides sporting a chic look, a frameless shower door minimizes water collection in the bathroom, thereby reducing the chances of a mold infestation. The seals on the framed variety pose a grave mildew and mold risk. The frameless types are easier to clean and keep tidy; a simple wipe and a squeegee are all you need to keep them clean. Since most frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass, they pose little risk to your safety. As a safety precaution, tempered glass shatters into small pieces that pose minimal risk of injury. This means you are only likely to suffer minor cuts and grazes in the case of an accident. Ensure that your frameless door is free of glass inclusions, which are imperfections that lower the integrity of the glass. A professional installation eliminates the damages that could result from improper installation of the best shower door for your bathroom.