If you want to create a more efficient and functional laundry room, there are several ways you can update it to accommodate your laundry needs. From installing new storage solutions to carrying out DIY decor projects, you can turn your room into a stylish and organized space that you look forward to visiting. To give you some inspiration, here are some before and after photos of amazing laundry room renovations which demonstrate how easily you can transform a space.

Renovation One


Before - Laundry Room 1Find out how: thediymommy

This laundry room was functional but very bare and plain looking. The bold red washer and dryer added some much needed color and style to the room, but not enough give this space personality. Due to the lack of workspace, it was difficult to fold laundry in the room, which wasn't practical. The narrow passageway meant there wasn't much room for storage on the floor, however the walls showed potential for handy storage solutions.


After - Laundry Room 1

A giant pegboard was put in place across the back wall to store color co-ordinated cleaning tools, an iron, ironing board, a drying rack and baskets. To organize the laundry efficiently, four laundry hampers were hung up at the bottom of the pegboard to save floor space. A workspace was also added to the top of the washer and dryer to make it easier for clothes to be folded in the room. The plain walls were dressed up with an antique looking laundry sign and washboard, while a pretty curtain was placed across the window to add style to the room.

Renovation Two


Before - Laundry Room 2Find out how: meandmydiy

Originally the laundry room was very crowded and cluttered and lacked any organization. This meant it was really hard to find anything quickly, and a lot of clothes were just piled up in a big mess. The dreary yellow painted on the walls was unappealing and the dingy lighting added to the dullness of the room. The entire room was in desperate need of being tidied up and any unwanted and unused items being cleared out instead of causing a hazard.


After - Laundry Room 2

Dull generic light fixtures were replaced with stylish pendants to brighten up the room. This was further enhanced by the wall being painted in light gray and two thirds of it covered in crisp white beadboard wallpaper. Quirky safety pins and a hanging laundry ladder added some much needed personality to the room, while storage space was built under a countertop for laundry, an iron and cleaning supplies.

Renovation Three


Find out how: celebratingeverydaylife

Laundry rooms are commonly used as a dumping ground for miscellaneous household items. Before this was room was renovated, the owner of it was guilty of neglecting the space and not using it properly for its specific purpose. Clutter surrounded the washer and dryer, making it hard to wash and dry laundry without having to move a lot of items out of the way. Cleaning supplies were also stashed messily between the appliances making it difficult to access them easily.



The clutter was removed from the laundry room and the shelves were taken down so the walls could be painted a serene green. Gorgeous white beadboard wallpaper was applied to the bottom half of the wall to break up the amount of green color surrounding the room. A new light fixture was also put in place to add more brightness to the space, as there is no natural light. The original shelves were put back up, and a new decorative shelf was added to dress up the laundry room, along with a pretty sign hung up near the top of the room.

Renovation Four


Before-LaundryRoom4Find out how: sophiasdecor

Plain walls and empty cupboards featured in this laundry room for a year before it was finally turned into an efficient space. The small size of the area meant that there was limited room and the owner was unsure how to outfit a fully functioning laundry room without filling it with clutter.


After - Laundry Room 4

Large horizontal strips were painted on the walls to add a classy and sophisticated touch to the room. To enhance this elegant look, decorative giant safety pins were then hung up on the walls. A washer and dryer took up most of the space in the laundry room, however the cupboards above were utilized to hold cleaning supplies. To cover up the plumbing, a black and white valance was created and placed underneath the cupboard, and a rug with coordinating black and white stripes was laid out on the floor.

Renovation Five


Before - Laundry Room 5Find out how: jennasuedesign

The layout of this laundry room wasn't well structured and featured boxed walls and platforms. Instead of using this room for its purpose, it ended up becoming a storage space for household clutter. The floor was a mess and shelves were piled high with a random assortment of items that were rarely used. It's no surprise that the door of this room was permanently closed.


After - Laundry Room 5

The whole room was completely renovated to turn it into an organized and beautifully decorated space for laundry.Due to the lack of natural light in the room, new lighting was added to brighten the laundry room and give it a fresh look. Soft neutral colors were applied to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, including a large cream colored rug to add coziness to the room while doing laundry. A separate storage area was created with several wooden shelves to hold laundry and cleaning supplies in a neat and tidy order. To keep each area suitably divided, a wooden barn door was installed to separate them.