A front door is often one of a home's main focal points for people passing by, so you want yours to make a good first impression and give a little extra life to the overall look of your home. HouseLogic actually recommends adding some color to your front door to boost curb appeal, but you don't necessarily have to repaint or change your overall color scheme. Try one of these 20 striking ideas for your front door decor inspiration.

The Rocky Bucket Makes for Great Front Door Decor Inspiration

You can make unique, rock-covered planters with a sturdy bucket, glue and some rock mesh tile. Place it by your front door for a planter that really packs a visual punch!

The Rocky Bucket Makes for Great Front Door Decor Inspirationcentsationalgirl


Deco Mesh Garland

Use the tough deco mesh to create your own customized door garland.

Deco Mesh Garlandhoosierhomemade


Vintage Light Fixture

A vintage or antique-styled light fixture really adds elegance to any front stoop. Carolina Lanterns recommends sticking to the right size for your porch, however.

Vintage Light Fixture


Wheeled Barrel Planter

Barrel planters are fun to begin with, but add some wheels to make it even easier to care for and move your plants.

Wheeled Barrel Planterhitchhikingtoheaven


Evergreen Garland

Use pine to create beautiful, fragrant garland pieces for your own front door.

Evergreen Garlandcraftthyme


Fun Topiary

Put your cutting skills to work and make some creative, bright topiaries to dress up your door space. Use resources such as Topiary Arts for front door decor inspiration.

Fun Topiary


Bold and Bright Arrangements

Use bold and bright floral arrangements for a colorful look that is sure to attract attention.

Bold and Bright Arrangementsflowershopnetwork


Terra Cotta Shrubs

Terra cotta is a versatile color that doesn't always get the attention it should. Plant nice shrubs in these clay-colored pots for a natural look.

Terra Cotta Shrubshubstatic


Large Planter Pair

A pair of oversized planters can really set off your door when placed on both sides.

Large Planter Pairarchitecturendesign


Elegant Oversized Planters

As with a pair of large planters, elegant and tall planters with a slimmer profile will frame your door in style.

Elegant Oversized Plantersarchitecturendesign


Chic Manicured Shrubs

Manicured shrubs with a twist can brighten up your porch. Go with a spiral or something other than the typical round shape.

Chic Manicured Shrubshzcdn


A "Welcome" Arrangement

Pair bright flowers with a warm "welcome" message and some other items, such as lanterns.

A Welcome Arrangement


Repurposed Bird Baths

A bird bath makes a great planter that stands out from the rest on the street.

Repurposed Bird Bathsempressofdirt


Warm Lights and Blooms

Pairing a warm light with bright flowers really creates an inviting picture.

Warm Lights and Bloomsdiycozyhome


A Flower Tower

Using a plant cage, filling material, a barrel and a climbing flower, you can create a tower of flowers to guard your front door in style.

A Flower Towerdiycozyhome


Headboard Flower Bed

With the head and foot boards from an old bed frame, you can create a unique flower box that is stylish and fun.

Headboard Flower Bedpinimg


Charming Chair Planter

A fun, whimsical wooden chair also makes for a wonderful planter to decorate your front porch. Simply carve out a circle in the seat area to make room for the flower of your choice.

Charming Chair Plantercloudfront


Window Flower Bed

Create fun, unique and colorful wooden boxes to hang right below your front windows. Fill with bright, lush flowers for a front facelift.

Window Flower Bedwindowbox


Lit, Raised Flower Beds

For raised flower beds, all you need to do is stack wooden flower boxes and fill with flowers that spark life. Add some inexpensive garden lights for a look that's sure to impress.

Lit Raised Flower Bedsstudiolouella


Log Flower Bed

An old log is perfect for some flowers. Simply carve out some space at the top, fill with soil and add your favorite flowers for a colorful look.

Log Flower Bednorfolklogplanters