Refresh old fashioned furniture with an easy and budget friendly makeover. There are many impressive looking DIY projects for furniture that may seem complicated to replicate, but are actually quite simple to do. Here are some examples of beautiful and stylish furniture makeovers that you can try at home.

Before: Coffee Table

If you have a coffee table that you no longer use, you can easily turn it into a mudroom bench suitable for your little ones to sit or stand on. Cut the coffee table in half so it is separated into two equal pieces. Sand down each piece of wood and then stain it with a beautiful dark walnut color. Once it's dry, apply two coats of poly. Paint the bottom of the wood with primer and two coats of white paint. Then install both halves against the wall underneath the coat hangers in your home.

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After: Mudroom Bench

Mudroom Bench


Before: Crib

When your young child becomes too old to sleep in a crib you can easily transform it into a fun toddler loft bed. Relocate the mattress base to the desired height, and then take off one of the long edges of the crib and cut an opening for a ladder roughly two thirds down. Re-secure the extra part of the rail to the bed, and then cut the left over crib slats into the size you want for the rungs of the ladder. Cut two pallets of wood to make the sides of the ladder and create grooves in the side of the wood so you can securely fit the rungs inside. To make the ladder sturdy, glue the rungs in place and then nail them together. Cut a notch in the top of the ladder so you can fit it underneath the bed and attach it with glue and screws. Reinforce the end of the new rail guard by placing a metal angle brace under the bed and on the back of the rail. Repaint the crib so it matches the color scheme of your child's room, and then watch your little one happily climb up to their new bed.

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After: Toddler Bed

Toddler Bed

Before: Chest of Drawers

Stop your children's toys from being a tripping hazard and keep them in a handy toy chest easily made from a chest of drawers. If you don't have any drawers you can spare, you can normally find a set in a thrift store at a reasonably cheap price. Depending on whether the drawers have been painted, you might need to sand them down to their natural wood. Stain the top and paint the rest of the dresser in your desired choice of color. If you want to keep additional storage for items other than toys, leave the bottom drawer, but remove the rest of them including their tracks. Stain the inside of the drawers, and after it has dried, place baskets containing the toys on each shelf of the chest. Now you have easy access to the toys and a pretty storage space for them.

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After: Toy Chest

Toy chest

Before: Dresser

Transform a wide dresser into a beautiful TV stand that you can proudly display your television on. Start by taking out the drawers and support beams inside the dresser. You can choose to keep some of the smaller drawers for storage, or take them all out to create an open layout. To give it additional support, cut a piece of longboard that is the length of the dresser and install it at the bottom. Then sand the dresser to give it a smooth finish before applying primer and then painting it. Protect the surface of the stand by cutting a piece of plate glass to fit on top of the dresser. Buy wicker baskets you can fit in the bottom of your TV stand, and if you want to completely overhaul the look of the dresser, fit new drawer pulls to any drawers you decide to keep.

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After: TV Stand

TV Stand

Before: Old Fashioned Table

You can usually find this style of table at yard sales or a thrift store as they are quite old fashioned. However if you can't find a similarly designed table, there's no need to worry. You can easily create a lego work station out of any table, regardless of size or shape. If your table has a similar top to the one illustrated, use a jig saw to cut out the center section of it. Sand down the table to smooth out any bumps it may have before painting it a bright fun color such as red, blue or yellow. Buy a lego plate and attach it to the base of the table with glue or liquid nails adhesive. Store the lego pieces in a pretty wicker basket and place the basket in the hole you cut out earlier. Now your children can play with their lego in a designated place and you shouldn't have to risk stepping on them ever again.

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After: Lego Table

Lego Table

Before: Door

A door can open up several DIY possibilities, so have a go at upcycling it something other than a room entrance, such as a beverage station. Sand down the door to create a paintable surface, and then cover it in your choice of paint. Decide where you want to position your shelves, and then attach the brackets to the door with wood screws. Use scrap boards for the shelves and paint them the same color as the door. Attach the lower shelf to the brackets and glue spindles to the bottom of it, so the beverage station can easily stand up. Glue a metal wine glass rack to the underside of the upper shelf and attach it to the brackets. Once the glue has dried, you can start displaying your glasses and bottles in preparation for your next hosting event.

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After: Beverage Station

Beverage Station