Most people have a grass lawn - and spend their weekends weeding, cutting, and watering it.  Grass requires plenty of maintenance to keep it looking great.  More work, and less fun in the sun is no way to enjoy the summer.  If you’re looking for simple, low maintenance lawn options, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to see some grass free lawn alternatives.


Artificial Turf

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If you love the look of grass but hate the work, you may want to consider using artificial turf instead.  Today’s technology makes it possible to have a fake lawn that actually looks like real grass.  Except, instead of regular mowing and watering it simply requires a periodic brushing and hosing down. Growing live plants in your garden helps to balance out your landscaping.


Prairie Meadows

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A mix of wildflowers, low-growing perennials and grasses, prairie meadows can be an excellent alternative to grass lawns.  Often incredibly low maintenance, check with your local garden center to find plant combinations that will grow well together in your yard.  If it’s simplicity that you’re looking for, seek out flowers and plants that don’t require much effort, or water, to grow.




If you’ve got a small yard, you can replace the traditional lawn with a sleek and trendy “hardscape.”  These can be just as relaxing and enjoyable as a traditional grass yard - but without all the extra work.  Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice that beautiful natural greenery.  Simply incorporate it into your design using container gardens, potted plants, and pathways lined with garden beds.


Edible Garden

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Instead of spending all of your yard maintenance time on your grass, why not spend it on something delicious?  Planting a garden filled with plants, trees, and shrubs that’ll put food on the table is incredibly rewarding.  You can literally taste the results of your hard work.  Plus, if you put in a little extra effort upfront and research permaculture design, you can create a space that’ll water, mulch, and fertilize itself!




Though a creeping thyme lawn can take a few years to establish, your commitment will be rewarded.  In results that are well worth the effort, thyme lawns don’t need to be watered, and won’t grow more than two inches tall.  The herb flowers in early summer, and will stay green for the rest of the season.  Perhaps best of all, creeping thyme smells wonderful when you walk on it.


Rock Garden

Rock GardenImage:

With its natural look, and varied landscaping options, a rock garden can be an attractive alternative to the traditional grass lawn.  Incorporate rocks of various sizes into your garden’s design, and think about ways that plants and rocks could work together to create an interesting focal point in your yard.  Use lots of colorful bushes, flowers, and shrubs for a lawn with plenty of visual interest.


No-Mow Grass Mix

Still have your heart set on real grass, but just don't want the maintenance that comes with it? There are real grass alternatives that you can try. Look for low to no-mow grass seed mixes which are typically made up of a blend of tall fescue, red fescue, sheep fescue and other grasses. This mix produces a dense, deep green grass cover - but it's still soft to touch! No-mow grass is easier to keep looking healthy, too; it requires only one quarter of the water regular lawns require. It grows extremely slowly, so you'll likely only have to mow it once or twice a season.