This Valentine’s Day, avoid giving your loved one the usual flowers and box of chocolates. Show them how much you truly care by crafting them a homemade gift instead. From heart magnets to bath bombs, here are our top picks of DIY gifts to give to your Valentine on the most romantic day of the year.


Love Rocks

Prove that your love rocks, by gifting your other half with these sweet rocks featuring colorful hearts. Cut out hearts from different colored fabric and paper and glue them onto small rocks using mod podge. You can then either stamp or paint a romantic or witty message on the other side such as 'I love you' or 'you rock'.

love rocksFind out how: emilyneuburger


Bath Bombs

Show your Valentine that they're the bomb, with these pretty heart shaped bath bombs. Combine cornstarch, citric acid and baking soda in a mixing bowl, and then add in red food coloring, melted butter and essential oil. Spray the mixture with witch hazel as you continue to mix, until it holds its shape. Press the mixture into heart silicone molds and allow it to dry for 12 hours. Then remove it from the molds to dry for an additional 24 hours, before giving them to the one you love.

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Muslin Treat Bags

Deliver your partner's favourite candy in a cute dressed up muslin bag. These are really simple to make, and your valentine will love the sweet gesture. First cut out a heart from a piece of cardboard to create a stencil. Then position it near the bottom of the bag so you can apply mod podge to the bottom of the muslin bag and create a border. Sprinkle red glitter over the area covered with mod podge, and after shaking off the excess, place the stencil over the center of the bag. Apply mod podge to the cut out area and sprinkle red glitter over it before shaking it off. Then fill the bag up with your chosen candy.

valentine bagFind out how: getcreativejuice


Snow Globe

Snow Globes aren't just for Christmas, you can create an adorable water-free version specifically for Valentine's Day. Cut out pink and red hearts from either paper or felt and glue pieces of a paper straw to the back of them to help them stand up. Glue the other side of the straws to the bottom of the lid and place a small amount of faux snow in the jar. Place the hearts inside the jar and screw on the lid, then tip it over and shake it to your heart's content.

valentine snow globeFind out how: whipperberry


Fabric Coasters

Create cute fabric coasters featuring pretty heart shapes for your valentine. The coasters underneath the fabric are made of cork, and you can buy a set of four cork coasters from most dollar stores. Cut out a square of felt that is bigger than the coaster, and then cut out a heart in the middle of it. Sew a square of fabric onto your coaster and then place the felt on top and sew around the coaster edge. Cut off the extra felt and then serve your darling other half a cup of tea or coffee on it.

heart coastersFind out how: chictags


Sharpie Mugs

Turn a plain white mug into a sweet love letter declaring what you like about your valentine, with just a few sharpies. Write across the top 'that's what I like about you', and then list the reasons why you like your partner, such as their smile, their cooking etc. Then bake it in oven for 30 minutes to ensure the ink will stay on the mug after you wash it. Once it's cool, you can either give the mug as it is, or fill it up with their favourite candy.

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Key to My Heart

Create a fictitious key to your heart simply using a vintage key and a pretty tassel. Print out a key fob template onto card stock paper and cut it out. Hole punch the card and thread it onto a tassel that is either red, white or pink, before looping it onto the end of the key. Then present your special key to the one you love.

key to my heartFind out how: camillestyles


Heart Magnets

Make these gorgeous red heart magnets to decorate your loved one's fridge. These are really simple to make but you will need a couple of supplies from the craft store including miniature wooden hearts and small magnets. To begin the craft, paint the hearts red on a piece of cardboard so you don't stain anything. After they have all been painted, glue a magnet onto the back of them and wait for the glue to dry. Then display them on the fridge to show how much you love your valentine.

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