Green Is The New Black

After reading reviews and checking in with interior designers, one theme became clear: pale, soothing greens will be popular in 2015. Designers also say that bold colour mixes in décor pieces, like throws and pillows, will take the stage next year in colour. Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year for 2015 is called Guilford Green, a neutral colour that makes a fabulous backdrop for any room.




Herringbone has been creeping back into style for a few years now, but it’s set to make a bigger splash in 2015. From neutral backsplash to mosaics to flooring, natural-feeling herringbone will make your home feel warm and comfortable.


Picture credit: The Curated House


Geometric Shapes

2015 will take a contemporary flair in the form of geometric shapes. A more contemporary style, funky end tables will pull together your home’s modern look. If your home is rustic or traditional in its décor, try incorporating this trend through a fun light fixture.


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With home prices on the rise in many cities and space at a premium, many homeowners are searching for ways to utilize wasted space. Practicality is as important as aesthetics, so 2015 will see home décor pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. This could be a sectional couch that conceals a guest bed or an ottoman that also acts as a coffee table.


Photo credit: IKEA Vilasund/Mattarp


Large Artwork

Because neutral and natural continues to be such a popular trend in home décor, homeowners are searching for ways to express their more colourful side. Large prints and art work are a huge fashion “yes” for 2015, the bolder the better!


Photo Credit: Zena Wood


Something Old and Something New

A fusion of styles and decorating patterns is becoming all the rage. A blend of old interior design (say, from the 1960s) and new creates a comfortable but unique living space. Think retro accents from decades ago mixed with the soft colour palettes that rule many design spaces today will be hot next year.


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Natural Themes

Green spaces that invite a feeling of earthiness and nature are inspiring interior trends for 2015. An ode to the outdoors (think patterned wallpaper and funky water features) will be prominent in 2015. Colours for this theme include green (as we already mentioned), light gray, beige, black and white.


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Such as brass and copper. More specifically, soothing satin-finished metallics. Expect to see these warm colour tones in contemporary lighting fixtures, décor pieces such as candleholders and frames, as well as in backsplashes.


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Quartz Countertops

While granite may seem like “all the rage”, quartz countertops are making their move on the décor market. Quartz is going to be a huge player for 2015, mainly because it’s no maintenance and homeowners are busy, busy, busy! Quartz also provides a clean, sleek look and is much more durable than other countertop materials.


Photo credit: Silestone