When replacing flooring, one of the most significant concerns is how much does carpet installation cost?

Get the answer: How much does carpet installation cost?

Get the answer: How much does carpet installation cost?

Doing your homework and planning properly can reduce the cost of carpet installation.

Nothing is Free

When shopping for wall to wall carpet, many people are often lured by claims that their new carpet will be installed for free. While this sounds attractive, it is unlikely there is absolutely no charge for your installation, so be very wary of these claims.

What often happens is that the cost of installation is added to the price of the carpet or otherwise hidden in your bill. In addition, even though the installation is advertised as free, other work that must go into preparing the room is not free and the costs can add up quickly.

Nothing is Free

Shop Around To Find The Best Carpet Cost

Once you find the carpeting you want to purchase, the next step is to shop around and compare the costs of both the carpet and the installation. While carpet cost can vary widely, the typical range of installation is in the neighborhood of 50 cents per square foot to about $2.50 per square foot. Factors that can increase the installation cost include choosing Berber carpet, the shape of the room and the amount of work needed to be completed to prepare the room for installation. Gather all of this information and calculate the total cost from a variety of sources. This will help you find the best price for the installation of your new carpet.

Shop Around

Added Costs

While comparing prices for your wall to wall carpet, it is important to compare all the costs involved in the installation of the carpet. Not only do you have to get the price for the installation, but you also have to learn about all the other added charges that may factor into your project. These include removing old carpet and disposing of it, moving furniture, removing or replacing baseboard, the cost of padding, added charges for unique room shapes, and repairing the sub-floor. If you are not careful, these additional jobs can significantly increase the cost of installation. Having all the costs in front of you can help you make an informed decision and will likely save money on the project.

Added Costs


In some cases, carpet stores will use a specific contractor to install all of their carpets, and the carpet installers might not offer the best price available. You may be able to lower your carpet installation cost by finding an outside contractor to take the job. It is important to note that some contractors will charge by the square foot, while others will charge a set fee for the entire installation. Make some calls to contractors in your area and compare their costs to those offered by the carpet store. It is important to check references for the contractor you choose to make sure that person is qualified and has a history of exceptional work. Ask if the installer is licensed and insured, and check with sources to see if there have been any complaints about them. Thoroughly researching an installer can save you a considerable amount of the frustration and disappointment that can be associated with hiring an unqualified contractor.


Another way you can possibly save money on your carpet cost is to try negotiating a price on installation. If the carpet store or carpet installers quote you a price on installation, ask them if they can do it for a lower amount. Often, businesses or contractors do not want to lose a sale or job, so they may be willing to reduce their price by as much as 25 percent. Of course, they may also decline your request, but it does not hurt to ask.

Do It Yourself

Unfortunately, installing carpet is one of the few home improvement projects where it is a real necessity to have a professional do the job. Because installing carpet requires a number of specialized tools that most people do not have along with a certain level of expertise to do the job well, it is not recommended to try installing your carpet yourself. If you have a friend or family member that is experienced in carpet installation, you may be able to request their help to save you money.

Cutting Costs

Although it is not recommended to try installing carpet yourself, there are other jobs you can do to reduce the cost of installing your carpet. The first way you can save money on your installation is to move all of the furniture from the room on your own. If you have large or extremely heavy furniture, however, this may be difficult.

One of the biggest ways to save money is to remove and dispose of old carpeting yourself. This can be a lot of work, but if you want to reduce your costs, it is well worth it.

Another task you may be able to complete on your own is preparing the sub-floor for installation. Remove old staples or nails and globs of dried glue, nail down squeaky boards, and fix any areas that may be a problem for the carpet installer.

You can also save some money on carpet installation cost if you remove baseboards if they need to be removed for your particular installation.