An outdoor waterfall is a wonderful addition to your backyard patio.  The tranquility of the flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere, while the subtle trickling sound helps to block out the noise from the neighborhood.  If you love the sound of water, we would absolutely recommend adding a waterfall to your backyard.  Best of all, you can build one yourself by following these 6 simple steps.  Click ‘Next’ to see how you can build your own outdoor waterfall.shutterstock_12834064


1. Make the Pond

A waterfall needs somewhere to go - a place that ensures there’s always plenty of water to keep your backyard in a perfect zen-like state.  The easiest way to create that yourself is by building a pond.  Choose an area that’s free of weeds rocks and other debris, and map it out with some spray paint.  That’s the pond.  Dig a hole that’s as deep as it is wide, add half an inch of sand, and then put in the liner, packing sand around the edges if needed.  Use a level to ensure everything is flat from all angles, pressing the liner into the sand until everything is even.  Put your pump inside the pond and feed the pump tubing over the rim of the pond liner.shutterstock_141828355


2. Select the Rocks

Finding the right rocks for your DIY waterfall is extremely important!  The rocks you choose can not only affect the look of the fountain, but the functionality as well.  As you’re selecting which rocks to use, remember to find both cascade and wall rocks.  Rocks with flat surfaces will be your cascade rocks, as it’s easy for the water to flow directly over them.  Separate those from the other rocks that will potentially be used as the wall of your project.shutterstock_189167540


3. Hide the Pump

Tubing housing not only hides the pump tube, it’s the main foundation for your fountain.  Place the plastic pot upside down where you want your waterfall’s focal point to be.  Once that’s complete, move the pump closer to the pot, and dig a small trench to hold and conceal the tube.  Pull the other end of the tubing through the drain hole of the bot from the inside.  Finally, set the pot upside down to cover the excess tubing, keeping it several inches away from the pond.shutterstock_115654108


4. Create the Flow

Getting the right amount of stability for the wall of your waterfall takes a little bit of patience and some trial and error, however, we can assure you that the results are worth it!  First, place a layer of rocks around the pond.  Move the flower pot against the pond and place a layer of rocks around the pot.  Put a large, flat rock across the front of the pond wall and continue building until the pot is totally hidden, then lay two flat rocks across the top.  Those rocks should be able to hold the tube in place between them.  Place one of your cascading rocks on the shelf, elevating the back slightly with some small stones.  Next, add another cascading rock on top of the first, making sure to choose one that’s a little shorter in length than the one it’s sitting on.  Finally, pull up the tubing and bend it so that it curves over the top of the stone, using small stones to keep it in place.shutterstock_117069922


5. Perfect the Waterfall

By this point your waterfall should be in good working order, so take a minute to test your handiwork.  Fill the pond liner with water, and plug the pump into the outlet.  Wait for the water to start circulating.  As it makes its way from the waterfall into the pond (and back again) adjust some of the stones, the lines, or the pump itself to make sure that you’re getting the effect that you want from your DIY water feature.  Keep making little changes until you’re completely satisfied with all of your hard work.shutterstock_202670662


6. Enjoy your Outdoor Space

After putting in all of that effort to improve your outdoor space, it’s time to enjoy it - and show it off!  Invite family and friends over for a barbecue so that they can marvel at just how awesome your new outdoor waterfall is.  Of course, you should spend some time basking in your backyard’s newfound tranquility first.  With your waterfall complete, it’s time to kick back with a cold one.shutterstock_212939890