If your home is looking dull and boring, it's time you got a little inspiration and changed it from drab to fab. After all, when you are happy with your space, you are just a happier person in general, right? That's because a well-decorated room, one that suits you and your personality, will help you relax and feel more at home in your space. And the best part about getting the room you've also wanted, is that it can be done on a budget all by yourself! Below are some of the best DIY projects that will help inspire you to start decorating and get that fabulous room you've always dreamed of. Change Your Home From Drab to Fab


1. Lighten Up

One of the easiest ways to bring a room to life is with lighting. If your room is feeling drab and depressing, you can easily brighten it up with an inexpensive light. A beautiful chandelier is sure to impress anyone who walks into a room. If you can't afford a new light, make sure you take window coverings off the windows and doors to let in natural light, especially in a small room like a bathroom. You can even add a few mirrors or large, bright pictures to add a sense of light to a room. Lighten Up


2. Accessory Update

An easy way to brighten up any room on a DIY budget is to change up the hardware and accessories in a room. Take your drawer pulls for example. If they aren't doing anything for you, change them up. Choose some funky ones from the hardware store and add some fun to your kitchen or bathroom. You can also use inexpensive items such as a toothbrush holder, rug, soap dish or shower curtain to add some excitement to a room. And these are great because you can switch them whenever you want and, of course, they are all things you can do on your own.Accessory Update

3. Hallway All The Way

Hallways are often overlooked when we start decorating our homes, but they are just as important as any other area. An easy DIY way to liven up a hallway is by adding a colorful rug. If you have a narrow hallway, a rug with horizontal stripes will help it feel wider. A picture gallery is also a great way to make a hallway feel homey. You can use identical frames and matting for a bold look or a mix of colorful frames for warmth. Built in cabinetry is also a great way to make your hallway seem more connected to your home and will also add extra storage for you. You can buy shelving at most hardware stores and easily install them yourself. Hallway All The Way


4. Clutter

One of the easiest DIY ideas to make any room feel fabulous is to get rid of clutter. It may sound silly, but it's true. Especially in the bathroom. All of your toiletries, hair products and shampoo bottles can take up a lot of space and make a room look crowded and overused. Take stock of what you have and what you need in each room. Keep your bedroom dresser top clean with only a few decorative items on it, such as a jewelry box, key dish or a few books. If you don't want to throw things out, consider buying some storage units or containers that you can hide away out of sight. But, really, getting rid of items that just lay around will help any room feel more open and welcoming. Clutter


5. Living Room

No matter what your budget, you can make a room look as expensive as you want with just a few simple tips. Take your couch for example. It may not be expensive but you can dress it up with some throw pillows that match or a beautiful, cozy throw blanket. Keep your end tables and floor area clean and tidy to make it look organized and bright. Add a green plant to help make the area come together. Make sure you find a way to hide all your electrical wires, which simply make your room look messy and disorganized. You can buy actual wire organizers to help with this and I suggest you do because it will instantly change the look of your room. Your local hardware store will have pretty much all you need for this DIY project. Living Room


6. Entry

The entrance to your home is often the first spot people see when they walk in, so you should make it an inviting place. You don't want people walking in to see a pile of shoes or jackets sprawled all over the floor. If you need storage, but don't have the space, try taking a piece of furniture you already have and spicing it up to make it storage-savvy. A small table is a perfect choice because you can place decorative storage boxes underneath for hats and mittens or shoes. Try mounting a shelf above it to hang things like keys or scarves for a functional, yet up-to-date, look. Entry


7. Backyard

With the warmer months quickly approaching, you may want to turn your DIY projects to your backyard. You can make a nice flagstone sitting area all by yourself in just a weekend. Add a small bistro set or a mix of unique, colorful chairs for a tranquil area you can enjoy all summer long. Most hardware stores will have all you need to get started on this project. If you are worried about laying the stone you can just go on YouTube or ask any friendly employee at the hardware store. Backyard


8. Moulding

This DIY trick is good for any room in your home – living room, family room, dining room and yes, even the bathroom. Any type of moulding will finish off the room and instantly make it look more classy and charming. And it's so easy to do on your own so you will save money in the long run. If you live in a historical home, crown moulding will be sure to complement the house's architectural appeal. Moulding


9. Wallpaper

It's back! Yes, wallpaper. Why? Because you can buy it in any shape or design you could ever want and it creates such a warm and romantic look to any room. Most of it is self-adhesive so it's easy to do all by yourself, since it works like a huge wall sticker. All you do is peel the paper off the back and place it on a primed and painted wall. You will be surprised how easily this transforms a boring room. Even choosing one accent wall for wallpaper, while painting the other walls, will create a fabulous room in no time at all. Wallpaper


10. Paint the Ceiling

Paint isn't just for your walls. It's easy to give your room a boost of fun by painting the ceiling a bold color that stands out. You can keep the trim around it white to help the bold color pop. If you are painting a child's room you could surprise them by painting the ceiling in their favourite color. What better way for a kid to fall asleep then to look at a brightly colored ceiling? You could even use some stencils to paint on their favorite animal or some stars.Paint the Ceiling