GrillCleaningThere are a lot of things to love about summer: warm weather, sunshine, and of course, barbecue! After all, who doesn’t love the taste of freshly grilled hamburgers, steaks, or veggies? While the biggest barbecue fans will argue passionately over the best recipes and seasonings, one thing that they all agree on is that your grill must be clean in order to create great tasting food. Whether you’re cooking with gas or charcoal, it’s important to ensure your grill isn’t overrun with char. Click ‘Next’ to see how you can clean your barbecue grill in six easy steps.


1. Soak the Grates

Most people don’t clean their barbecues as often as they should. If it’s been a while since you last gave your grill a good scrub, start by filling two large buckets with warm, soapy water. It’s likely your grates are going to need to soak for a few minutes before you’re able to scrape off that grime, so place them in the water as you clean other areas of your grill. It’s also a good idea to remove the drip pan, and any other easily-removable parts.



2. Look Inside

With your grates removed, use a cloth to clean out all of the loose dust and ash from within the grill. Once the loose debris has been cleared, use a wire brush dipped in soapy water to scrub off all of the tough, caked on residue. If you have a gas barbecue, be careful not to disturb any connections to the propane tank.



3. Get Rid of the Grime.

By now your grill grates have had plenty of time to soak. All of the grease and grime should be a little easier to scrape off now, but it will still probably take a little time and effort to get those grates squeaky clean. If it’s still really tough to remove the caked on residue, put the grates back in the soapy water for a few more minutes and try again.



4. Let it Dry

With your barbecue cleaned, it’s important to allow enough time for all of the parts to dry completely. If it’s a nice sunny day, place the grates on a clean towel and let them dry in the sun while you soak up some rays. If you’re rushed for time, wipe everything down with a cloth or paper towel to quickly remove all moisture.


5. Get it Together.

Once all of the parts of your grill have dried, you can put everything back together again. You’ve finished cleaning your barbecue! However, if you have a gas grill, it’s a good idea to take a minute to ensure that the burner is working as it should be and that the flame shield is in the right place.



6. Keep it Clean.

Now that you have a barbecue that sparkles in the summer sunlight, try and keep it that way. If you get into the habit of cleaning the grill after each use, it’ll be easier for you to remove any grease or charred food remains from the grates. Simply spray them with vegetable oil after they’ve cooled and scrub with a wire brush. To finish, wipe down your grates with a paper towel.


A clean grill is the key to delicious barbecued eats. Follow our steps, and clean your barbecue regularly for a summer of yummy steaks, hamburgers, vegetables, and other favorites.