Keeping your home clean can feel like a daunting task.  After all, there are so many other ways to spend your free time than with a mop and bucket.  However, cleaning doesn’t have to take a full day, or even an afternoon.  In fact, you can keep your home clean in 15-minutes or less.


1. Prioritize

If you’re only going to spend 15-minutes cleaning, you need to focus on one area of your home.  Pick the spot that needs the most attention, whether that be the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, and spend your time in that area.  It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll probably be surprised at what you can accomplish in 15-minutes. Prioritize


2. Organize

With limited time, you need to be organized.  Get a plastic bin from your local dollar store and fill it with commonly used cleaning products.  This way, when you’re ready to clean, you’ll find everything in one place, rather than having to search bathroom cabinets and kitchen cupboards for those Lysol wipes. Organize


3. Designate

If possible, try and work in your 15-minute clean around the same time every day.  That way, it’ll become something that’s part of your routine, rather than a quick scramble before guests arrive. Designating a set time to clean holds you more responsible for the task than hoping you’ll find some time to fit it in. Designate


4. Track

Use a chart to keep track of what you’re going to clean each day.  Having a “to do” list also makes you more likely to follow through on the task.  Plus, it feels great to be able to check something off your list!  A cleaning schedule helps to ensure the different areas of your home are getting equal amounts of attention. Track


5. Share

Unless you live alone, there are probably other people who can help you clean.  If each person in your home - kids included - spend 15-minutes a day cleaning, think how much more you could get done!  Sure it can be tough to get the kids excited about cleaning, but 15-minutes isn’t a very big commitment.  That should help your chances of group participation. Share


6. Be Vigilant

Your 15-minutes a day cleaning schedule doesn’t include tasks that need to be done every day - like wiping down countertops, washing dishes, and ensuring each room looks tidy.  If it did, there wouldn’t be any time left for anything else.  By taking a few extra minutes to put things away after you use them, you’re saving yourself time when it comes to your 15-minute clean. Be vigilant


7. Rock Out

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning.  But there’s nothing that a good playlist can’t fix!  Rocking out to your favorite upbeat tunes can help pass the time - and make those 15-minutes of cleaning feel more like fun than chores.Rockout