How to Decorate an Awkward Staircase

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By: Cherry Parry
Published: November 18, 2015
Last Update: March 13, 2023
Most houses have that one awkward area that defies decorating. Many times it's your staircase, whether it has an unusual shape or an unattractive look that makes you pause in agony every time you walk by. But have no fear, there are several ways – both easy and inexpensive – that will help you transform that awkward space into one that will have your visitors talking for days. And in many cases, you can do these renovations yourself. So take a look at the ideas below to help you fall in love with your staircase again. How to decorate an awkward staircase

1. First Sight

When the first thing you see when you walk into your home is a staircase, it can make the home feel less welcoming. So why not make the stairs stand out? You can customize the risers and steps with a cool color of paint and then enhance the look with some of your favorite art work hung on the wall. shutterstock_618610397 (1)

2. Empty Space

Many staircases have a lot of empty space underneath them, which, if not used, is simply wasted space. You can turn that space into a cozy reading area by placing a lounge chair and some small bookshelves. A nice warm lamp will also add to the elegance of it. You can also turn it into a stair winery by building a wine rack to store your favorite beverages. Empty Space

3. Landing

Sometimes the landing on a staircase is too small to do much with it. Therefore, many people just ignore it. But these small landings are perfect for things such as Grandfather clocks. It will add a nice historical and elegant look to your home. If you have a larger landing with a window you could add a window seat with some decorative pillows that will allow people to take a break on their way up the stairs.Landing

4. Plain and Boring

If your staircase leaves nothing to the imagination because it is simply plain, try adding some accents to brighten it up. Placing some houseplants around the railings will fill the dead space with vibrant energy. In fact, in the practice of feng shui, plants are considered one of the most effective cures for areas in the home that need help. You will be sure to notice a big change by simply adding some potted or hanging plants.  Plain and boring

5. Photo Collage

The wall running alongside your stairs is the perfect place to hang your favourite family photos. It will turn an otherwise dead space into a warm and inviting area that will encourage you and your visitors to pause and admire the photos as you move between floors. shutterstock_551182756

6. Subtle Touch

If you don't have a large budget for renovating that awkward staircase, all you have to do is add some subtle touches – such as a chair you love or an umbrella stand. It will add a lot of personal character to your staircase without costing you any money. Subtle touch

7. Lighting

If you have a lofty ceiling and feel like you need something to fill the space you can hang a cluster of exposed bulbs or some chandeliers from your ceiling. It will make the staircase feel more complete and less overwhelming in size. Lighting