Ah…the wonderful time of year. Leaves changing, kids going back to school. It is finally cool enough in order to finish off those last DIY projects and to star t some new ones. Adding a splash of fall to your interior and exterior décor doesn’t need to be pricey. It also doesn’t need to be permanent. Here are some easy ways to add fall to your home.


1.  Wreath

If you have a current wreath for your door, you can add some colorful autumn leaves or flowers to it. Most of these items are easy to find on the cheap at craft stores and dollar stores everywhere. Be sure to grab them early before the selection is picked through. Adding some imitation apples or corn would also look great.



2.  Knick-knacks

Wood letter signs or other mini autumn items, like acorns, pinecones and autumn harvest fruits/vegetables to your shelf are an easy way to spruce up your current space for fall. Put your usual items in a storage bin or de-clutter. As you know, after fall you’ve been gearing up for the winter season. (I don’t want to talk about it)

knick knacks


3.  Floral arrangements

Like a wreath, a floral arrangement is a quick way to add some color to your table. Real mums, acorns, and pinecones, arranged in a vase can be inexpensive. If that isn’t your style, a mason jar with some sunflowers, golds, oranges and reds will look amazing. Other things you can do involve a little DIY. Grab some fall palette spray paints and paint pinecones or acorns for a cute table piece.

floral arrangements


4.  Fabric

Fall themed fabrics, plaids, deep oranges and browns are great starters for your furniture. Even printed napkins (cloth or paper) can be added to your usual dinnerware for instant affect! Consider a table cloth, placemat, napkin holder, or table runner.



5.  Candles

The EASIEST trick in the book. Candles are cheap, plentiful and never go out of style. They come in every shape, size and every color. They can literally be place anywhere and look terrific. Use multiple candles in an arrangement, or even simple tea lights in a DIY candle holder. Use your vases that you’ve made “fallified” and incorporate your candles into them.



6.  Pumpkins/Gourds/Maize

Almost as easy as candles, getting your hands on some harvest bounty is an effective way to make your outside (and inside) look ready for autumn. Display on your table, hearth, shelves or window sills. Make a cute arrangement outside, using long stalks of maize (deeper colors pop, so keep that in mind when putting it behind your pumpkins). A hay bale can also be used to add depth. Or if your porch has a chair or stairs, that can also be accessed to add some flair.



7.  Children’s DIY

If you are stumped for ideas, ask your kids. They usually come home with many art projects that can be collaged into a frame, or added onto the table as an important part of your fall theme. Autumn is about Thanksgiving, and nothing says ‘Thanks’ more than proudly displaying your children’s artwork.

Childrens DIY

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