If your home hasn’t been blessed with ceilings higher than 8-feet, fear not!  You can make your walls look taller, and your rooms appear more light and airy.  You just need to incorporate a few of these designer tricks into your decor.


1. Paint Your Ceiling

If you’re trying to make your ceiling look higher, paint it a lighter color than your walls.  While the experts agree that white is ideal, there is some difference of opinion when it comes to the finish of your paint.  Some interior designers recommend a high gloss paint to reflect light, however others suggest a matte finish to help the ceiling disappear more into the background.

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2. Ditch Overhead Lights

Overhead lights and ceiling fans draw the eye upward - something you want to avoid if your home has low ceilings.  Try up lighting instead, and add flush mounted lighting or pot lights on the ceiling where needed.  Sure, those overhead lights may not have as much style as bold chandelier, but they’ll blend in well with the ceiling - and that’s exactly what you need to help make it look higher.

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3. Hang Artwork Higher

You know that awesome photo you’ve been meaning to put up for ages?  Hang it a few inches higher than you planned.  Hanging pictures slightly higher than normal tricks the eye into thinking that the room as higher ceilings.  Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact!

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4. Incorporate Tall Florals

There are many reasons that plants are good to have in the home - and creating the illusion of higher ceilings is one of them!  Fill a tall urn with seasonal grasses, or a plant with long, blossoming branches.  The addition of that greenery will actually slow down the movement of the eye as it makes its way to the ceiling.shutterstock_12354727

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5. Add Decorative Paneling

Cover the lower two thirds of your walls with decorative paneling, and paint the upper walls the same color as the ceiling to make it look higher.  Or, for an even simpler solution, paint the lower half of your walls a dark color, and both the upper part of the walls and the ceiling the same lighter shade.half-painted-black-kitchen

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6. Decorate with Vertical Lines

Taking a cue from the fashion world, interior designers agree it’s better to use vertical stripes instead of horizontal lines when trying to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of height.  Paint, wallpaper, drapes - anything with tall, slender lines - will help to create this effect.  And, while we’re talking about drapes.  Hang those just below the ceiling rather than right over the window to help make the ceiling look taller.

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7. Pick Furniture with a Low Profile

Low profile furniture, or furniture with fewer horizontal elements – like armrests, for example - create less reference points to emphasize the distance between the furniture and the ceiling.  Similar to decorating with vertical lines, choosing large pieces that don’t emphasize the horizontal can help to make the ceiling appear taller than it actually is.shutterstock_214814695

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