Neutral shades tend to get a bad rap.  But they don’t have to be boring - in fact, neutrals can be quite the opposite.  Decorating with these timeless shades can give your home a look that’s incredibly chic, as long as you’re able to create enough interest.  Read on to learn how to decorate with neutrals.

1. Color

A little pop of color can create a big impact when it comes to your neutral decor.  Look for bolder hues while shopping for artwork and accessories that can be strategically placed around the room.  This helps to keep the eye moving throughout the space.


2. Pattern

Graphic patterns are the anything but neutral - so adding a few of these elements to your space provides the perfect contrast to your decor.  Light fixtures, pillows, and throws provide the perfect opportunity for a hint of pattern.  Or, if you want to go bolder, paint stripes on the wall, or use wallpaper to create an accent wall.1

3. Contrast

When it comes to decorating with neutrals, contrast is key.  Too much of anything is never a good thing - and the same is true when choosing your decor.  Use a mixture of dark and light neutrals to keep your room looking interesting - ideally, from the same color family.  It’s a nice way to make the room feel cohesive without becoming too matchy-matchy and boring.


4. Texture

Varying textures can add plenty of interest without overpowering your favorite neutral shades.  In fact, decorating with contrasting textures and materials in similar tones is the perfect way to keep your classic decor from being anything but boring.


5. Accessorize

Your neutral decor can certainly create a timeless look that you won’t have to change too much, however, for maximum impact, it’s best to balance that classic style with what’s trendy now.  Just pick pieces that are affordable and easy to change as needed.  Throw pillows, candle holders, and other small accessories are all wonderful ways to include on-trend looks without a big commitment, or budget.


6. Create a Focal Point

Having a focal point is true in any space, but it’s especially important when you’re decorating with neutrals.  It’s where you want to lead the eye - and should be something to really make people stop and take notice.  Whether you choose a stunning piece of art, a stylish pendant light, or statement accessory, it’s important that you select something that both compliments the room and makes it stand out.