Mugs may be an easy gift, but they’re rather impersonal, right? Not any more! When you make a gift for someone, it is automatically personal and thoughtful. DIY marble mugs using nail polish are not only great gifts, but they are a lot of fun to make. Creating anything that is supposed to turn out in an artistic manner can be intimidating, but with a few simple steps, these beautiful, personal, unique mugs are something anyone can make and turn into a great gift.

Steps for DIY Marble Mugs Using Nail Polish

Fill your cupboard with swirls of color! Whatever you and your friends or family members like to drink, these mugs can stylishly hold. They’re unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that bring style to any table. Not only can anyone make them, but it only takes ten minutes! You can’t find the perfect mug in the stores any faster than that.

Steps for DIY Marble Mugs Using Nail Polishmolliemakes

Items You Need to Make Marble Mugs

Now that you have seen how beautiful the mugs are, it’s time to make some. You only need a few items. First, find a disposable container that you don’t mind throwing away. Choose the colors of nail polish that you want to use. Grab a wood coffee stirrer or a toothpick. You will also want a sponge brush and glossy acrylic sealer on hand. You’ll also need to get some white mugs to turn into beautiful marble creations.

Items You Need to Make Marble Mugshouseofhipsters

Step One: Prepare the Water

Fill the disposable container with warm water. The process can leave nail polish residue behind on the container so use something you don’t mind throwing away. Choose a nail polish color from your cabinet. You don’t have to buy anything new unless you want a specific shade. Just place a few drops into the water. Bright or dark colors work best. Avoid quick-dry polish because you will already have to rush to get things done.

Step One Prepare the Waterhouseofhipsters

Step Two: Dip the Mug

( Once the nail polish is in the water, you might want to swirl it around. Then, grab the mug quickly as the polish is already starting to dry. Dip the mug into the water and swirl it around. Once you have the polish and water concoction spread onto the mug, place it on a paper towel to dry. You won’t want to touch it until it is completely dry to avoid smearing. (

Step Two Dip the Mugthesweetestoccasion

Step Three: Trial and Error

( It is a good idea to get several mugs from the dollar store to test things out on before you work on your final creation. You can use two colors to get a fun marbling effect. Keep in mind that the mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe, so you will want to tell anyone you give one to not to wash them that way. The process is fast so you will have to move quickly whenever you create a mug. You will get the hang of it after trying it a few times. (

Step Three Trial and Errorthesweetestoccasion

Step Four: Remove Excess Polish

This is the final step to make DIY marble mugs using nail polish. Once the mug is dry, take nail polish remover and remove the paint from the bottom of the mug and any other unwanted locations. You can then spray the mug with a sealant to give it a finished, glossy appearance. Then, it is ready to go into your cupboard or into a gift bag for a friend.

Step Four Remove Excess Polishmolliemakes