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Finding the right appliance for your home is a big decision.  You want it to look good in your home, and be something that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.  While it’s important to choose a good quality product, you probably don’t have a limitless budget when it comes to appliance purchases. So how can you find a great deal when you need to buy a new home appliance?  Click ‘Next’ to find out.


Never Buy on Impulse

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Appliances - especially refrigerators, stoves, and washers and dryers - are some of the biggest purchases you can make for your home.  Therefore, deciding which make and model to buy isn’t something that you should do on impulse.  Make a list of your priority features, and then do some research online to find the best model with the best combination of features for the best price.  It’s a good idea to ask your friends about their appliances as well.  Find out what they like most about their current appliances, and what they’d do differently when it comes time to buy again.


Know Your Promos

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Retailers will showcase different promotions on different appliances throughout the year.  If you’re serious about getting something new for your home, sign up for email alerts, and be diligent when it comes to checking out your local flyers.  Another way to help ensure you’re getting the best deal is to register on manufacturers websites too.  While they don’t often sell directly to consumers, most will have mail-in rebates, and other manufacturer events that can help to save you money.


Price Match

As you’re doing your research to find the best deal, you’ll also want to get familiar with various stores’ price-matching policies.  Some retailers offer price-matching, or lowest-price guarantees that can help you to get an even lower price on the appliance that you’re looking for.  Many stores will offer to beat a competitor’s price by up to 10% for any in-stock item - and knowing which ones have the best offers can help you save even more on an already discounted product.



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Many people forget to bargain when it comes to appliance shopping - but doing so can actually help you to get a better deal.  Researching market price will give you a good advantage when it  comes to negotiating for large appliances, as will making your purchase when retailers are clearing out older models.  That’s spring for refrigerators, fall for cooking appliances, and winter for washers and dryers.  With independent retailers, paying cash is also a good bargaining tool - and if you don’t mind a few scratches or minor wear and tear, haggling for discounts on floor models can also land you a discount.  Don’t forget to ask about delivery, installation, and disposal of your old appliance as well.


Remember, It’s What’s Inside That Counts

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Too often customers get caught up in purchasing a whole group of appliances because they match perfectly with other items already in their home.  However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to using your new appliances, you’ll need more than a pretty face to be satisfied in the long term.  That’s why you’ll want to do your research (remember, don’t buy on impulse!) before heading to the checkout line.  Things like, the noise level of a range hood, will be much more important once you actually get that appliance home.


Factor In “Other” Needs

Appliances can be awfully needy.  For example, a cooktop that produces plenty of sizzle can require an equally impressive exhaust fan to help rid your kitchen of all of that smoke and steam.  A dryer needs to be vented properly - and maybe even reinforced to the floor - so that it doesn’t rattle a room.  All of this adds up to potentially extra costs for you, the customer.  Therefore, before you make your purchase be sure that you understand everything that’s required to keep your appliances running properly and factor those items into your budget so that there’s no surprises.