How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: November 4, 2016
Last Update: February 24, 2023
Discover how to fit blinds in a bay window, plus how to choose blinds that suit your home's style and fit your budget.

Learn How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window

Learn How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window Fitting your bay window with blinds may seem daunting, but it's actually easier than you'd expect.

How Bay Window Blinds Differ From Traditional Windows

Unlike traditional windows that are flat and do not extend outwards, bay windows are usually designed so they project out from the house. Many bay windows consist of at least three windows placed next to each other. One of the challenges of installing bay window blinds as opposed to regular blinds is that bay windows are usually curved. More specifically, the windows on either end are curved while the middle window is not. One tricky thing you'll discover when figuring out how to fit blinds in a bay window is that it's not always easy to prevent the blinds from colliding into each other on the corners. How Bay Windows Differ From Traditional Windows

Measuring Your Window

Whether you're interested in wooden window blinds or a type made from a different material, the first step in the installation process involves taking careful measurements. You can do inside mount, partial mount or outside mount blinds. If you decide to do inside mount blinds, verify the depth of your window by simply measuring the distance between the back and the front of it. The product specifications for window blinds should include a minimal fully recessed depth amount. If the depth of your window is equal to or greater than that number, the blinds will fit. Measure from left to right and choose the narrowest width as your overall width. Finally, measure from top to bottom, and choose the longest measurement for the overall height. It's a little harder to measure for partial inside mount and outside mount bay window blinds because the window coverings stick out into the room slightly. If you want to get best results with your blinds window experts can come to your home to measure the window, at least to ensure you'll get binds that fit. The reason why it's smart to get input from a professional when making these measurements is because you not only have to determine the depth of the window, plus the height and width, but also the point at which the blinds meet (also known as the collision point). Measuring Your Window

Choosing Beautiful Blinds

Window blinds and shades quirky add a significant amount of style to your home, especially if you select them in a color or design that complements the surrounding decor. Whether you choose wooden window blinds, roller shades or vertical blinds, always carefully check the package to make sure the blind style has enough depth to adequately mount to your bay window. In general, at least three inches of depth are needed. However, you may also prefer slimmer products, such as cellular blinds, because they're simpler to mount and install closer together. As a result, it's easier to prevent light from streaming into the room. Learning how to fit blinds in a bay window should certainly take style into account. Choosing Beautiful Blinds

Determining the Purpose of the Blinds

In order to get the most satisfaction from your new blinds, it's necessary to think at length about why you're installing the blinds or at least what you hope to achieve by doing so. For example, are you purely doing it for reasons related to your home's appearance, or are you also concerned about functionality? If you have specific questions about your needs and the best blinds window specialists can answer your queries and steer you in the right direction, even if you fully intend to the do the installation on your own. Keep in mind that some styles of blinds may encourage heat to escape, especially if they have very wide openings. To compensate, you may wish to choose lined blinds. They should have an insulating effect which could keep your utility bills low.

Working Through the Installation of Window Blinds and Shades

Once you've looked through the available window blinds and shades and chosen a type that you want for your bay window, it's time to get started with the installation. In the same way the directions for measuring differ depending on the way the blinds are mounted, the installation steps aren't the same for each kind. With that in mind, always diligently follow any directions on the product packaging. Generally, it should take about two hours to fully install the blinds on your bay window, but feel free to allow more time than that so you won't feel rushed. Positioning the brackets is the first step, and getting them in the proper alignment is crucial. Figure out the minimum fully recessed depth and then place the bracket on that point. Also, make sure it's positioned squarely with the front of the window. Once you've mounted the brackets, continue by following all directions on the product packaging. If you're standing on a ladder in order to install your blinds, it may be useful to have a person on the ground who can keep an eye on your progress and give tips if it seems like something's going wrong. Generally though, learning how to fit blinds in a bay window is something that's certainly possible to do provided you have the right combination of patience and determination. Working Through the Installation