The holidays are the perfect time of year to host a magnificent party. Holiday parties are festive, fun, and they allow you to be as creative as you want with your planning, decorating, and when creating your menu. The best part about a holiday party such as this is that you can make it look elaborate and over the top without actually putting forth much effort.

Planning Your Party

This is the simple part. You need only decide how many guests you wish to invite, whether or not to make it a sit down dinner or a casual affair, and how you want to invite your loved ones. Formal invitations with candy canes attached are adorable. Email invitations are also perfectly acceptable in this age of trendy green invitations.

Ask that your guests RSVP a week prior to your party date so that you know how much to order and serve and how many place settings to include if you choose to host a sit down dinner.

Simple Decorations

Your holiday party should be as elegant as possible, which is why simple decorations are the best idea. Soft lighting and ambiance are what make a holiday party. Use the light from your tree and Christmas scented candles to create the perfect ambiance for your holiday party. Groupings of candles are always elegant and chic. Try choosing just one color and grouping together candles of different shapes and sizes for an elegant look.

Tablescapes are another great option for holiday party décor. Fill glass vases with holiday candy, garland, or faux snow for a festive look. Add small votive candles in glass containers to the table that will light your vases from the bottom up to create a soft glow everyone will love.



Additionally, if you plan on hosting a sit down dinner, you can incorporate a few personalize details to the mix. Small stockings purchased at your nearest party store make for spectacular place settings. Place your silverware in the stockings and place them atop each place setting.

Make unique name cards by tying two small candy canes together from the stem portion with a red or green or silver ribbon. Place them with the stem side facing up and the curved side down and turned slightly apart. Place a small card with each guests name in your place settings for a fun and festive addition to your décor.

What to Serve

The key to serving an elegant dinner at any holiday party is simplicity. There’s no need to go all out on a holiday dinner for a party because the type of food your guests want is festive and lovely without fuss. For the main course, serve a ham and a turkey. Consider serving stuffing, potatoes, soft rolls, salad, and including an array of vegetables from which your guests can choose.

What makes this simple meal elegant is the way in which it is served. Matching serving platters in either red, white, or crystal are most luxurious. Additionally, placing each item on a buffet with different dimensions created by boxes of different heights placed beneath a linen table cloth make it appear even lovelier. Sprinkle candy kisses in Christmas colors along the buffet for interest.

Desserts are simple. Consider a hot chocolate buffet in which you place tea cups, saucers, and extras out for your guests to enjoy. Candy canes dipped in melted chocolate can be used as stirrers and you can melt marshmallows and freeze them on a shallow pan and cut out Christmas shapes to place in decorative bowls for the chocolate bar.

Other dessert ideas include white chocolate dyed green and used for dipping strawberries. Both desserts are decadent without being overpowering and they’re simplistic and elegant without being pretentious.

Holiday parties are fun because you can do whatever you want to add creativity. A roaring fire and soft Christmas music add ambiance. Santa’s presence makes for a fun gathering that includes children. Join our mailing list now and check out our Facebook page for more creative and lovely ideas for your next holiday event.