Trying to distinguish your home from others is about taking risks and sourcing your furnishings from places other than the obvious big box stores. Adding in carefully thought out antique pieces gives your home visual interest and makes it feel cozy and lived it. Eclectic touches are a great way to experiment with your style and all great designers know this and do this often.


1. Contrast

Think in terms of differences to play off of each other by mixing hard and soft textures, square and round shaped pieces and thick and thin sized items. The room will be anchored and yet elevated by the contrast between the antiques and modern items in the room.Contrast


2. Functionality

Combine old and new in the same space. Add antique filament bulbs above an island for visual appeal, but also ensure you have pot lights for the functional light you need for the space.Functionality


3. Color

If mixing and matching furniture having a consistent colour palette is what will unite the dissimilar furnishings. It can look jarring when furnishing do not match so consider finding items in the same colour family or refinishing pieces or reupholstering others that do not fit.Colour


4. Theme

When you have selected a theme for a room find one antique piece to fit in with it. For example the country charm of this room incorporates an antique dining table mixed with newer pieces that are made to look aged.Theme


5. Eclectic

For an unconventional room pick different chairs and mix and match them. Due to the fact that you do not need to find matching pieces you can hold out for more interesting looks and consider tying them together with the previous tip regarding color.Eclectic


6. Need unconventional storage

Adding an antique vanity into a modern bathroom is a great way to add storage with flair. You can use an antique dresser and retrofit it to become a vanity.Need unconventional storage


7. Art

Expertly select an antique piece of art to hang in a formal area such as a dining room. Mixed in amongst more modern décor the antique painting will actually stand out more in contrast.Art


8. Accessorize

Start small and slowly add in considered pieces. Buy antique candelabras in need of refinishing, to put on the top of a rustic mantelpiece or table or display an antique camera, if you are a photographer.Accessorize


9. Ornate pieces

Bring in well-placed ornate mirrors to dress up areas of the home. A well-made or unique mirror can really be a stand out piece as it invites the gaze of your guests.Ornate pieces