There are lots of benefits to making stuff yourself.  Color, sizing, and style can all be completely customized.  Not to mention, it’s usually a lot easier on your bank account than buying ready-made, especially when it comes to lighting.  These chic chandeliers make big decor statements, but can be made fairly easily at home with a little ingenuity and some basic DIY skills.  Click “Next” to learn how to make these 8 chic DIY chandeliers.



The DIY Icicle Chandelier

I’ve seen similar chandeliers that use a hula-hoop, but I think the grapevine wreath that Project Table recommends makes for a beautiful - and more rustic - look.  The wreath, a string of icicle lights, and some zip ties are all you need to make this chandelier yourself.  Best of all, it’s easy to finish in about half an hour.


Image and DIY Instructions: The Project Table


The DIY Capiz Chandelier

You can buy ready-made versions of this chandelier, but why bother when it’s just as easy to make one yourself!  Plus, that allows you to customize the shape and size a little bit to work with your decor.  You’ll need wax paper, a round cooling rack, an iron, a hole punch, a sewing machine, and some thread to put this beautiful chandelier together.  While it is a little time consuming, it’s not difficult.  And the results are well worth the effort.


Image and DIY Instructions: Lisa Roy


DIY Globe Pendant Light

Travellers will no doubt love this globe pendant light, which also happens to be one of the easiest - and least expensive - DIYs on our list.  (Make this lamp, and have more money for vacations. Win-win!)  All you need is a pendant light kit, a globe, some paint, chalk, and a box cutter.  Get the full tutorial from Apartment Therapy.


Image and DIY Instructions: Apartment Therapy


DIY Brass Chandelier

Perfectly modern - and easy to make yourself - this DIY brass chandelier will certainly wow your guests.  It may look like something out of a design magazine, but with a little tinkering, it’s possible to make this stunning light all on your own.  (With this tutorial from One King’s Lane, or course.)  The hardest part is supposedly sourcing all of the materials.  Thankfully, One King’s Lane has provided a very easy-to-follow list.


Image and DIY Instructions: One Kings Lane


DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

There’s something almost medieval about this chandelier, which will undoubtedly become the focal point of your dining room.  While it looks complex, DIY Joy insists that this stunning chandelier simply requires some basic do-it-yourselfing, a wagon wheel, and a bunch of mason jar lights.  Easy, right?  Watch the video and see for yourself.


Image and DIY Instructions: DIY Joy


DIY Reclaimed Wood Chandelier

This gorgeous chandelier was totally designed and built by this bl6ogger’s obviously talented hubby.  We’re holding out hope for a complete DIY tutorial, however, from the post, we can share that the chandelier was built using two old wagon wheels, reclaimed wood, and a sturdy rope to hang it.  (Word on the street is it’s pretty heavy.)  Talk about some awesome DITry inspiration!


Image: The Stanley Clan


DIY Pendant Light

This beautiful pendant light may look expensive, but it’s possible to make it yourself for just $50!  Made By Girl walks you through all the steps, which, may involve scraping off wallpaper paste with a toothbrush…. (I know, but trust me, this chandelier looks GOOD!) Plus, Made By Girl is literally with you every step of the way.  She even walks you through the electrical - though hiring a licensed electrician is definitely recommended!


Image and DIY Instructions: Made By Girl


DIY Crystal Orb Chandelier

It may look complex, but Vintage Romance Style has a step-by-step guide to making this chandelier in about an hour.  The hardest part is inevitably going to be finding the base - ideally a budget-friendly flea market or thrift shop chandelier that can be transformed with some high tensile fencing wire and a little spray paint.  Note: you’ll be spray painting the wire and chandelier to match, so don’t worry too much about color.  Instead look for a chandelier that’s a good size and design for your space.


Image and DIY Instructions: Vintage Romance Style