A stylish ottoman is an excellent piece of furniture to invest in. It makes not only a beautiful focal point, but also proves to be incredibly practical as it doubles as extra seating for small spaces and a handy storage unit for your towels and linens. You can choose to buy a generic factory-made model at the store or you could make your own customized piece for a lot less money. Here’s how.Ottoman


1. Build the base

Cut a 3/4-inch birch plywood for the base, top, and bottom. Simply glue and clamp the four sides together to form the box’s base, then drill pilot holes and secure the four pieces of wood with screws. Cut 1x1 pine cleats and install them around the inside of the base, ¾ inch above the bottom edge. Attach reinforcing pine blocks to each interior corner. Use carpenter glue and screw the bottom piece of wood to the cleats. Build the base


2. Upholster the base

Cut batting and upholstery to wrap the base. Coat the back of your fabric with spray adhesive, and stick the batting onto it. Spray the back of the batting with the spray adhesive as well and wrap the fabric around the sides and overlap it at the sim by about ½ inch. Fold the material over the top and bottom, and attach it to the wood with a staple gun.Upholster the base


3. Upholster the lid

Trim two-inch high-density foam to cover the lid, and use spray adhesive to stick all but the lid’s exterior to the plywood. Then spray the foam’s edges with adhesive and press them down to attach to the plywood. Wrap the top in fabric and staple it to the bottom of the lid. Starting at the rear seam, line the perimeter with satin piping trim and staple it in place.

Upholster the lid


4. Add the top and the feet

Join the upholstered top to the base with a continuous hinge and toy-lid support. Attach four 5-inch maple coronet bun feet or casters (rollers) to the base. Paint or stain each one to match the décor of your room.Add the top and the feet


5. There you have it!

You don’t have to be an expert woodworker to design this fairly simple piece of home furniture. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you built it with your own two hands, but you’ll also have complete control of not only the look, but type of upholsterer you use (i.e. stain resistant vs. suede). The best part of finishing your ottoman is that you’ll be able to immediately use it to kick up your feet and enjoy the fruits of your labor!Upholstered Ottoman