Want to add an industrial, vintage look to your home but are on a budget? You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a pallet coffee table in your living room. You can make one yourself for much less! You don’t have to be particularly handy to make it either. Here’s how.


1.  Find a pallet

You can often find these at construction sites and at home improvement stores for a relatively low cost. Sometimes you can even find them listed for free on online classified sites. Ideally, you want to find a pallet which is in decent shape that is still structurally sound and will be able to withstand weight being put on it. Yet, it should still have a worn and weathered look to it in order to add character to the piece. find a pallet


2. Sand and wash your pallet

You will want to wash and sand your pallet to make sure it’s free of splinters.  Any electric hand sander would do the trick. Don’t sand it down too much or it will look too smooth and take away from the rustic look. Afterwards, use a power washer to clean and texture the wooden pallet.



3. Remove the slats from the pallet

Pry off the slats from the pallet and separate them from the block. It’s easiest if you remove each nail one by one with a crowbar. Slight damage to the pallet is normal during this step and this will only add to the table’s aesthetic.remove


4. Attach the slats together

After taking apart and sanding the slats, attach them together. Use clamps to hold the boards together. Glue three horizontal strengthening crossbar pieces in place to provide further support. Afterwards, glue the remaining six blocks and the two skids in the bottom.attach


5. Put on a coat of finish

Add a coat or two (or three) of your favorite lacquer to add a professional-looking finish to your coffee table. Make sure to put on the lacquer sparingly as applying the coats too thick will cause the lacquer to crack.finish


6. Put on wheels

After the lacquer is dry, drill caster wheels on each of the four corners of the table. Wheels 15 centimeters in diameter work well. Once the wheels are attached, you can roll your brand new refurbished coffee table into its new home as a focal point of your living room.  wheels