A sliding barn door is a creative solution for rooms with a tight layout since it opens and closes without disrupting the layout of a space. Unlike pocket doors, you won’t have to tear out the wall to install this type of door. Here are some easy steps to adding some rustic charm to any room.


1.  Measure the doorway

Your first step should be to measure the width of the doorway (including the casings) and purchase a hardware kit with a track twice that width. Add the track to the top of the doorway.

measure doorway

2.  Assemble the boards

Measure from the floor to the top of the door casing, then cut wood board ½ inch shorter using a miter saw. Arrange the boards side-by-side and place blocking along the outside edge, and use long bar clamps to clamp them together. Ensure your assembly is square using long strapping at the top and bottom edges. Screw the blocks and strapping in place, and remove the clamps. You can also purchase sheets of exterior house siding cut to fit the doorway instead of assembling the boards yourself. These sheets are preassembled with tongue and groove joints and are easy to cut to any length and width.
Assemble the doors

3.  Add trim and attach rollers to the top of the door

Add some trim to the top and bottom of the door for stability and attached a diagonal piece for more barn door style. Attach rollers to the top of the door and mounted it onto the track.

add trim

4.  Paint or stain the door (optional)

Some people might like to leave their wood au natural, but for many of us a coat of paint or a layer of stain might be exactly what you need to make your door complement the current décor of your room. Note that the more coats you apply, the richer the color. Keep applying coats until you get the depth of color you desire.  If you choose to paint or stain your door, make sure to lightly sand it down and use one coat of a pre-stain wood conditioner to help seal it. If you’re planning on applying more than one coat, make sure to lightly sand beforehand.  Also be sure to wait about two hours between each coat.Paint

5.  Install a floor guide

Purchase a floor guide from a home improvement story and use it to keep the bottom of your door in place after you’ve opened it. The rubber circular section at the top of the floor guide prevents the door from banging around and protects it from potential damage.

floor guide

6.  Finish it off with some hardware

As a functional and stylish finishing touch, find a bold piece of hardware to use as a handle for your door. You can stay with the rustic aesthetic and provide a more substantial door pull by using a black iron drawer handle. You can find many of these type of handles used at flea markets and auctions or find new ones for sale at specialty stores such as Pottery Barn or you might get lucky at your local hardware store.