When choosing a room to renovate, nothing is more exciting than your master bedroom. Walking into your room after a long day of work and family life should be relaxing and welcoming. It's where you find peace and excitement for your alone time. While many renovations can be time-consuming and costly, there are several ways to make your room a dreamy sanctuary that won't leave you in debt. Consider these quick, easy and cheap ways to make your bedroom feel new and cozy so you can ensure a happy and sleepy night.How To Make Over Your Master Bedroom Quickly and Easily


1. Pillows

Pillows can be cozy and inviting. So don't be afraid to pile them on. Use different patterns and sizes mixed together for a look that's fun and beautiful.Pillows


2. Artwork

If you're looking to make your bedroom your own, why not hang some of your own artwork or favorite household pieces inside? Consider hanging a large, graphic quilt behind your bed to fill that empty wall. Compliment the art work with some bed sheets that match and will pull the decor together. Artwork


3. Accents

Use prints on your bedroom accents to make your room come alive. Get a lampshade with a cool design on it and a bed quilt that has a pattern that pops, bringing your room alive with some excitement. Accents


4. Comfy

To make your bed welcoming after a stressful day use a down comforter with a cozy pattern on it. Nothing will have you wanting to snuggle up in bed than a warm, fluffy bed cover. Comfy


5. Lighting

Whether you are looking to save space or try something new, consider mounting a light source on your wall beside your bed. That way you won't have to constantly juggle items on your nightstand. If you don't have room for a nightstand, mounting a light on your wall will save you space. Use a multi-watt bulb so you can fine-tune the light for your needs – whether it's reading or just relaxing. Lighting


6. Color

If your room feels plain and boring, try using pops of colour throughout to brighten it up. Lamps, flowers, artwork or painted walls will leave you feeling like you've renovated the entire room for a small price. Colour


7. Rugs

Just adding a colorful rug to a room will add a burst of excitement. Consider a yellow rug for a pop of sunshine that will leave you smiling every time you walk into your new room. For most bedrooms, a four-by-six-foot rug by the bed is the perfect accessory. Rugs


8. Warmth

If it's warmth you're going for, try painting your room in neutral colors like beige and then adding some soft lighting. The coziness of the room will help you fall into a deep, relaxing sleep. Warmth


9. Rest is a Priority

Your bedroom should be your place of rest and your calm retreat. So incorporate pieces that make it feel like your home away from home. A simple desk that doubles as a nightstand is a good way to ensure you can read, write or study in a calm atmosphere. It also brings a cozy feeling into your room with a soft light and a vase of fresh flowers on it. Rest is a Priority


10. Photos

If you're a family person, incorporating photos of your kids, family and even your wedding day are a great way to make the room all about your personality. Your kids will love that they are a part of your room and it will feel welcoming to your entire family. Use different colored and sized frames to add a bit of pizzaz to your space.Photos