How to Maximize a Small Living Space

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: March 18, 2016
Last Update: February 13, 2023
We may not all be blessed with a home with the square footage that we need or would like, but if you look into techniques to maximize the space you have then you can have a functional home that is cozy and appears larger than what it is. No one wants to feel squeezed into a tight space.

1. Multipurpose furniture

Look for pieces that serve more than one function so that you have more open space, which will make your home seem bigger. Think bench seating with ottoman storage or installing drawers under stairs.Multipurpose furniture

2. Declutter

Organizing becomes even more important in a small space, so make sure to do a purge frequently so that papers and clutter do not accumulate. Get rid of anything you haven’t used for more than 6 months, as a rule if it does not serve a purpose.Declutter

3. Organize upwards

Using vertical space can trick the eyes to thinking that a space is bigger. Use tall shelves, bookcases or install built-ins to move all those knick-knacks or books up and out of the living space.Organize upwards

4. Make under the bed storage

Buy risers for your bed if you need to so that you can roll under the bed totes out of sight, or buy a bed with drawers underneath. This is a perfect spot for extra clothes, shoes or children’s toys.Make under the bed storage

5. Create visual tricks

Add floor to ceiling curtains, which will make rooms, seem bigger and add mirrors to reflect light. It’s all about the appearance of larger brighter spaces.Create visual tricks

6. Keep it neutral

Pick neutral colors to decorate with that will keep rooms seeming airy and bright not dark and cold. Rooms appear larger when you keep to lighter tones and if color is your thing that is ok because you can pick colorful accent pieces to express your personality.Keep it neutral

7. Use smaller furnishings

Buying smaller couches and coffee tables in a small living room will make the room seem bigger and make moving around in the home much easier. Pay attention to the size of your furniture and if you already have large pieces then consider selling them and getting condo-sized furniture.Use smaller furnishings

8. Create custom organization pieces

Think built–in storage under the stairs or recessed shelving. Really it’s about using dead space and making it work for you. These storage ideas are not furniture so they do not have any demands on your precious square footage.Create custom organization pieces

9. Keep it open

Open spaces make the appearance of a space being bigger. Consider open shelves in the kitchen versus cabinets or tearing down a wall for a more open-concept living area. This is also a nice way to show off your best chinaware and also keep the line of sight open in the home.Keep it open

10. Sliding doors versus regular doors

Installing sliding doors allows you to save the precious space that a door opens into and also adds a modern touch to a room.Sliding doors versus regular doors