After your couch, your coffee table is the most important piece of furniture in your living room.  But you probably wouldn’t know it - since it’s a frequent stand-in for your kitchen table, and home to your remote controls.  If you’re looking to upgrade your living room, your coffee table is probably a good place to start.  Do you want to learn how to give your coffee table some style?  Click “Next” to be inspired.

1. Add a Tray

A tray helps to break up the surface of your coffee table, giving you the perfect arena to create your very own stylish vignette.  Of course, it’s also something that can be easily moved, should you suddenly need to free up more space on the table. add a tray

2. Use Pops of Color

If you tend to prefer neutral decor, your coffee table is the perfect place to add a pop of color.  The bold pink shade of these roses is the perfect contrast to the otherwise white, gold and grey shades in this stylish living room.  By pulling some of the pink from the painting, these bright blooms keep the eye’s interest as it moves through the space. use pops of colour

3. Show off Your Favorite Books

Books make wonderful additions to your coffee table.  Bright, beautiful, and written on topics of interest, they’re visually appealing and perfect for creating conversation.  Instead of stacking them, consider laying out your books so that they’re easier to see - and pick up. show off your favourite books

4. Hide Remotes in Stacked Boxes

Small stacked boxes not only add a little height to your coffee table, they’re also the perfect place to hide all of those remote controls.  Keep your electronics out of sight, but within reach in boxes that compliment the style of your decor. hide remotes

5. Make ‘Em Green with Envy

Florals, terrariums, and other greenery not only help to freshen the air in your home, they also add a little color, too.  The hint of green can help make your coffee table, and ultimately your living room feel much more homey.   makem green

6. Create Coziness with Candles

Even just one candle can add an element of coziness to your coffee table.  After all, it’s the closest thing to the sofa when you want to curl up under a blanket after a long day.  And what’s more relaxing than a cup of tea by candle light?coziness with candles

7. Double Up (If You Can)

Two coffee tables can be twice as nice, depending on the style you choose and the amount of space you have in your living room.  But don’t think that a smaller area means you can’t double up on coffee tables.  Just find a smaller design, or opt for nesting tables that can be pulled apart.  The best part about having two coffee tables?  Being able to move them where you need them - and of course, the extra space to display your creativity, too.double up