Everybody changes their clothes from season to season, yet not many people look for ways to change their homes to reflect the weather.  However, transitioning your home decor from summer to fall doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, in some ways it’s actually easier than changing your clothes.


1. Incorporate Fall Shades

Certain accessories in your home are easy to change, and therefore make it simple to transition your home from season to season.  Changing decorative pillows, blankets and curtains from cool summer hues to autumn’s warm rich shades are an easy way to update your home to acknowledge the beginning of fall and the arrival of its cooler temperatures.

Incorporate Fall Shades

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2. Add Cosy Fabrics

There’s nothing quite like getting all snuggled into bed on cool fall evenings.  To ensure you achieve optimal comfort, ditch your lightweight cotton sheets and blankets for heavier ones when the cold weather arrives.  Flannels, knits - even faux fur - are all wonderful cozy textures that reflect the season.

Add Cosy Fabrics

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3. Accessorize with Seasonal Fruit

One trip to the grocery store can instantly help you transition your decor from summer to fall.  Load up your cart with fresh apples and pears for a fall fruit display that doubles as a healthy snack that’s always within reach.  Place your delicious decor in a stylish plate, or stack it up in your favorite large vase.

Accessorize with Seasonal Fruit

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4. Create Seasonal Displays

Go outside and take a look around.  You can probably find plenty of things to make your own fall display.  Sticks, pinecones, acorns, and other autumn staples - like pumpkins and gourds - are perfect for making your own nature-inspired inspired decor.

Create Seasonal Displays

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5. Purchase Fall Plants

Fall brings with it some beautiful blooms - and they’re the perfect way to help transition your decor for the season.  If you’re lucky enough to have hydrangeas or mums in your garden, snip a few flowers and bring them indoors to create a stunning autumn setting.  Of course, both plants would also look great in pots next to your front entryway.

Purchase Fall Plants

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6. Invest in a Fire Pit

When planning for the change in seasons, it’s important to not forget about the outdoors!  A fire pit is not only a wonderful addition to any backyard patio, it also helps to extend the usability of your outdoor space.  Enjoy those crisp autumn evenings in your backyard while sitting around the fire.  Don’t forget to have extra blankets on hand for guests.

Invest in a Fire Pit


7. Change Your Tableware

Setting your table with warmer colors can instantly make your home feel more like fall.  Choosing placemats and table runners in rich autumn hues will transform your table for the new season.  Adding pumpkins, fruits, and pine cones as centerpieces can help to showcase some of your fall favorites.

Change Your Tableware

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8. Layer Rugs

Rugs add plenty of warmth to a room - and layering carpets is a quick way to incorporate some extra texture as you transition to the fall season. Faux fur blankets and layered area rugs make it easy to add an extra dimension to a space without changing your furniture or color scheme.

Layer Rugsinterior

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