If you are like the rest of us, you probably have hundreds of photos lying around your house in a box or, if you haven't printed them off, they are likely still sitting on your phone. Well now it's time to do something with them. It's time you take those magical moments and display them for all to see around your home. If you are looking for a unique way to display them, just read below for some of the coolest ways to show off those special moments in your life. 



1. Staircase

One of the simplest ways to display your photos is to frame them. But don't stop there. Hang the photos all the way up your staircase to tell a story. Start with your children when they were young and continue on up the stairs with photos of them as they grow up. You'll be reminded of how fast your family is growing every time you head up the stairs.



2. Canvas

When you put a photo on a piece of canvas it looks like you've just had them professionally done. But you can do this all on your own. There are several sites – such as Sew Creative – that will help you learn how to do it yourself. If you aren't into a DIY project, there are several companies that will take a simple photo and turn it into a beautiful piece of canvas art for you.



3. Clipboard

For a very cool, rustic look, you can take old pieces of wood, stain them and add clips on them to hang your photos. It will be so original your guests will be asking where you had them done. You can take all bragging rights and tell them you did it yourself! 


Photo and DIY Instructions: Love Grows Wild


4. Clothesline

This is a very neat idea that looks beautiful when hung behind a bed or a sofa. All you need is a piece of string or a rod with some clothespins. Hang the string or rod on a wall and attach your favourite photos along it with some clothespins.



5. Colourful

If you have a bunch of black and white prints you can display them in a colourful way by adding different coloured mats or frames. Hang them in a row for a pop of colour that will add a lot of pizzaz to your home.


Image and DIY Instructions: Martha Stewart


6. Larger Than Life

If you have that one favourite photo that you want to be the centrepiece of your home why not blow it up? You can make it as large as you want and have it filling an entire wall. It will leave your home looking like a gallery but without the cost of expensive art work. 


Image and DIY Instructions: Marta Writes


7. Chandelier

A chandelier in your home doesn't have to be just for lighting. Why not take several of your photos and attach them to the chandelier? It will be a conversation piece amongst your guests for hours as they look up to see all the images.


Image and DIY Instructions: Craft Hunter


8. Shower Curtain

The shower isn't just for washing and singing anymore. You can easily personalize your bathroom decor with a photo shower curtain. Look online to find companies that will take your photo and blow it up for you. It will leave you with a smile on your face every morning when you walk into your washroom.



9. Door Frame

If you have an old door lying around, don't throw it out. These doors make beautiful photo frames. All you have to do is place your photos in the frames, add on some clips in the back to hold them in, splash some paint on the door and voila – a unique photo frame to hang anywhere you choose.


Image and DIY Instructions: At Home With Sweet T


10. Ladder Frame

You can create a unique hanging centrepiece in your home for your next party by simply taking an old ladder and some string. Hang the ladder and place strings around the steps to hang a bunch of your favourite images. If you are planning a special party – such as a birthday or bachelor party – take photos that remind you of the person or event and hang them up for everyone to see and talk about. It's sure to bring back a lot of memories for everyone.