Step into the world of color and decorate your kitchen with one of these top paint colors. Whether it’s the warming tones of mustard or the cool and refreshing shade of nautical blue, there is bound to be a bold new color which will suit your kitchen. Take a look at our collection of paint colors and get inspired to transform your kitchen into something beautiful.

Olive Green

Olive green creates a soothing atmosphere and brings a touch of nature indoors. With it's sophisticated earthy appeal, it provides a sense of relaxation and restfulness that you usually achieve on a morning stroll. The softness of the olive green in this kitchen is very light but provides enough color to not risk looking bland. If you want to give your kitchen a rustic look, paint your cupboards and drawers olive green and pair it with gorgeous wood grain patterned worktops. If you are interested in completely redesigning your kitchen, wooden flooring will also help to accentuate the natural look.

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Yellow is a very refreshing color which signifies the glorious days of summer. There are a variety of shades which you can use to invoke a bit of sunshine into your life, but mustard is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. This gorgeous farmhouse-style kitchen is beautifully decorated with a splash of mustard yellow on the cabinets and drawers which brightens up the room enormously. Large windows feature the same complimentary mustard color and let in a flood of natural light which accentuates the cheery yellow throughout the kitchen. Wooden flooring and the main wooden countertop also enhances the outdoor summer vibe that has been created with the use of mustard. The addition of a dark gray backsplash and countertops works perfectly to encapsulate a relaxing kitchen, while yellow accessories such as sunflowers in a vase are a simple but effective focal point in the kitchen.

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Nautical Blue

Think of the seaside every time you enter the kitchen by painting it nautical blue. There are various shades of this sea worthy coastal color ranging from a dark almost black appearance to a close shade of navy. Regardless of which color you use, your kitchen is bound to look shipshape. If you don't want to delve too far into the deep end, try a light nautical blue that is similar to navy, as this will give your kitchen a strong bold appearance. To create a truly nautical theme, paint your kitchen a mixture of white and blue. In this kitchen, all of the cupboards and cabinets have been painted a beautiful shade of dark blue, while the countertops feature white marble. The room is brightened up with white tiled walls, and the natural light from the window helps the kitchen avoid looking gloomy. If you don't want to have all of your cabinets and cupboards blue, just paint either the top or bottom ones a nautical shade, and the rest of them white.

Hunter Green

The deep hue of hunter green provides a similar rustic appearance that is achieved with the use of olive green, however the bold shade creates a more dramatic atmosphere. If you want to make an impact in your kitchen, paint hunter green on your cabinets and drawers, as these are the main features of your kitchen. This lush mixture of emerald and racing green provides a beautiful contrast against bright colors such as yellow, which helps prevent the kitchen from looking too dark. In this kitchen, hunter green extends all the way up the wall, drawing your eye to the bright and cheerful yellow wallpapered ceiling. This refreshing touch to the kitchen is further accentuated with a bright yellow tray filled with matching yellow flowers on the countertop.

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Muted Blue

Muted blue comes in many elegant and sophisticated shades, which create a minimalist kitchen design. The serene color of this shade of blue is less harsh than some of the other bolder color choices, and is useful for creating a calm atmosphere amongst the chaos usually endured in the kitchen. Painting a muted blue on the cabinets and walls in this kitchen beautifully pairs them together and stops the room from looking bland and boring. White marble tops help break up the large amount of muted blue that is featured in the kitchen, while the inclusion of white accessories such as the clock and chairs add some brightness to the room.

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