Do you look around your house and see clutter? Messy laundry piles? Toys scattered everywhere? It's likely driving you crazy. But, instead of just throwing this stuff out, it's time you start organizing it. Not only will your house look better, your mind will feel better. You will be able to walk into a room and smile, knowing that everything is neat and tidy and in its own place. To help you along the way, we have narrowed down some of the best organizing hacks to help make your home a little more functional. The best part about these hacks is that most of them are easy and cheap so you can do them all on your own. Make Life Easy With These Organizing Hacks


1. Vanity

If your make-up area has you spending too much time searching for that favorite lip-stick color, it's time you organized it. All you need is a free drawer and some mini loaf pans or trays that you likely have lying around your home in other areas. If you don't, a trip to the Dollar Store will do the trick. Just place the trays inside the drawer and arrange your makeup so every piece has its own space. When you open the drawer in the morning you will find exactly what you are looking for. If you have a large nail polish collection, use cookie jars to store them in. Not only will it look pretty sitting on your counter, it will be easy to reach in and grab the color you're looking for. Vanity


2. Wrapping Paper

We all have those extra rolls of wrapping paper left over from Christmas or birthdays. You don't want to throw them out so why not find a cool way to store them? All you have to do is hang a shelf or dowel vertically and place the rolls behind them. You can also use a bungee cord attached from one wall to another for a perfect and cheap storage area. Wrapping Paper


3. Cord Chaos

If you have ugly cords hanging on the floor or along your desk, all you need is a simple binder clip to hide them. Just screw the clip behind your desk and place the cords inside. It will get the cords out of sight, which is especially helpful if you have little kids or pets that may want to pull or chew on them. Cord Chaos


4. Dish Rack Art Centre

If you have little kids, you know how much they love to draw and paint. Why not create their own little work station – an organized one – by simply using a dish rack? The space where plates and cups would normally sit can be used to hold their colouring books or paper. The utensil holder can be used to hold their markers and crayons. The best part is that you can buy a dish rack at the Dollar Store! Dish Rack Art Centre


5. Shoe Hanger

A cheap over-the-door shoe rack can be transformed for anything in your house that needs to be organized. Hang one on the door in your laundry room to hold cleaning supplies or in the pantry to hold extra food items. You will be surprised at how much storage space this gives you. Shoe Hanger


6. Jewellery and Belt Holder

If your closet looks like a messy drop-off area for your necklaces and belts, we have the perfect organizing hack for you. Show these items some respect by putting them on display. All you need is a piece of wood and some clothespins. Attach the clothespins to the piece of wood and hang the wood in your closet or room. Attach the belts and jewellery to the pins to help keep them neat and tangle-free. Jewellery and Belt Holder


7. Door Shelves

This is the perfect hack for your child's bedroom – or any bedroom that has extra stuff that needs to be stored. Simply add shelves to the back of a closet door to store books, toys or teddy bears. When you close the door you won't see any of the stuff that once was lying in a pile on the floor. You can also build shelves in their room to help them neatly store and display their favorite items. Door Shelves


8. Outside Garden

An armoire isn't just a great addition to the inside of your home. Consider getting an antique armoire for your backyard to store all your garden supplies in. If you don't want to buy one, simply take a wooden pallet, hang in on the side of your shed and use it to hang shovels, garden tools and hoses on. You will love how much free lawn space you have now, not to mention how unique and beautiful your new storage area looks. Outside Garden


9. Old Easter Eggs

You know all those plastic eggs you used to hide treats in this Easter? Instead of throwing them out, repurpose them as snack containers. Use them in your kids lunch boxes to store fish crackers, fruit or vegetables in. Kids will love opening them up at school and finding a treat inside. It's like celebrating Easter all year long! Old Easter Eggs


10. Crate Storage Room

This is a great way to dress up your mudroom and help you organize all the shoes, hats and mittens in your home. Just get some sold crates, paint them in some beautiful, soft pastel colors and hang them to the wall. Hang some vertically and others horizontally for a cool and unique look. They are the perfect size to organize all your family's outdoor wear.Crate Storage Room