Buzzing their way around your guests, mosquitoes can quickly put a damper on an otherwise relaxing evening on the patio with friends.  No one enjoys those itchy red bites, yet mosquitoes unfortunately are something that we’ve come to tolerate on warm summer nights.  What most people don’t know is that there are plenty of effective ways to get rid of those flying pests – without purchasing semi-effective citronella candles, or lathering on the bug spray.


1. Remove Standing Water

The still water in your birdbath or kiddie pool is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes – something you certainly want to avoid if you’re hoping to keep those buzzing pests out of your backyard.  Regularly refresh that water in order to limit mosquito-breeding opportunities.  Similarly, fill in sunken parts of your lawn and remove clogs from gutters.Remove Standing Water


2. Barbecue Herbs

The essential oils in herbs, like rosemary or sage, are a natural insecticide.  Throw a bundle on the coals while you’re barbecuing to keep the mosquitoes away.  Without those pesky insects flying around, your family will have no reason not to keep you company while you cook.Barbecue Herbs


3. Change Your Outdoor Light Bulbs

You often see mosquitoes and other bugs flying around your outdoor lights.  However mosquitoes aren’t attracted to all kinds of light, just some.  Therefore, changing your light bulbs can help to reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around your lights – and the entrance to your home – in the evenings.  Rather than using a standard bulb, opt for LEDs, yellow bug lights, or sodium lamps. Change Your Outdoor Light Bulbs


4. Plug In A Fan

While mosquitoes seem like a big annoyance, they’re actually pretty small in size.  That means that even a mild, steady breeze can overpower them – like one from a fan.  A fan blowing at approximately 2 miles per hour is enough to keep the mosquitoes away.  Plug one in on your back patio to help create a mosquito-free zone.Plug In A Fan


5. Spray Some Garlic

Like those bloodsucking creatures of mythology, mosquitoes can’t stand garlic.  Create a natural repellent by mixing one part garlic juice and five parts water in a spray bottle, and use it to spray yourself as needed.  It’ll keep the mosquitos, and Dracula, away. Spray Some Garlic


6. Plant Lemongrass

Thai lemongrass makes an excellent addition to soup or stir-fry dishes.  But perhaps more importantly, it contains citronella oil, and its strong scent makes it hard for mosquitoes to find you.  Planting lemongrass close to your patio, and other areas where you and your family spend the most time outside will help you to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  It makes a wonderful addition to your garden!Plant Lemongrass


7. Get Catnip Oil

It may sound a little crazy, but the essential oil in catnip, nepetalactone, repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET.  Therefore a catnip oil based insect repellent is good alternative to DEET-based sprays when it comes to protecting exposed skin.  It’ll also make you pretty popular with your neighbor’s cat.Get Catnip Oil
Mosquitoes can certainly be a buzz-kill when it comes to your summer parties.  However, with a few simple changes you can easily – and naturally – create a mosquito-free yard for you and your family to enjoy all summer long!mosquitoes