Reduce clutter in your home and have everything you need within easy reach by creating some easy room organizing crafts. From a nail polish storer to a drawer organizer, here are some of the best DIY projects you should undertake to keep your home neat and tidy, and free from unnecessary mess.

Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet

Keep all of your baking tools within easy reach by utilizing the space on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. Unhinge your door and either tape chalkboard paper to the inside of it, or cover the cabinet door with chalkboard paint for a more permanent solution. Mark where your hooks will go and make sure you give your measuring spoons and cups enough space to hang comfortably. Then install utensil hooks and hang your items up. Use a piece of chalk to write labels for each of your utensils, and any other useful measuring information related to baking.

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Cleaning Closet

Transform your closet into a tidy haven for all of your cleaning supplies using just a shoe holder. Measure the length of your closet door before purchasing a shoe holder to ensure that the holder can easily fit on the inside of your closet door. You also need to check that it is made of a strong material which can bear a lot of weight, as you will filling it up with a lot of heavy bottled cleaning supplies. Once you buy a suitable shoe holder, hang it over your closet door and start filling it with your supplies. It’s that easy!

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Nail Polish Storer

Stop misplacing your favorite nail polishes and store them in a handy spice rack. If you are like most people, you will have a stash of nail polishes in a really unorganized pile. This means you have to dig through them to find the one you want. You can easily prevent this from happening by purchasing a simple spice rack. Instead of spices, place your nail polishes on the shelves of your spice rack. Depending on whether or not your rack as feet, you can either leave it on a level surface, such as a shelf or countertop, or hang it up.

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Under Sink Organization

The problem with storage under the sink is that you usually end up with a large collection of spray bottles and other cleaning supplies in one big messy pile. To stop you from feverishly searching for your cleaning supplies every time you open the cabinet doors, DIY some storage to the inside of the doors. Narrow shelves and baskets are great for holding cleaning supplies, so install a couple of these on the inside of both doors. This way you will be able to see everything in front of you and not have to sift through a pile of items under the sink everything time you need something.

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Hanging Pegboard Organizer

Turn a frame into a useful hanging organizer for your office supplies and tools. Spray paint your frame with a fun bright color, and once it's dry, place a pegboard in the frame. Insert screws and hooks from a pegboard organizer kit into the holes to hold your supplies, and then simply hang the organizer up on the wall.

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Magnetic Make-up Board

Keep all of your make-up in one convenient place with a fab magnetic board. You will need to take in account how much make-up you own to determine which size magnetic board is the most suitable for you. After sourcing a board, glam it up by covering it in a pretty roll of wrapping paper. Glue small magnets onto the back of your make-up and wait for the glue to dry before placing them on the board. If you want to be super organized, source small chalkboards that you can write make-up categories on and attach them to the board with magnets as well.

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Pantry Organization Jars

Take your baking and cooking ingredients out of their original packaging and store them in pretty mason jars in your pantry. You can buy mason jars in a variety of sizes so you should be able to fill the entire contents of each ingredient in a suitably sized jar. Use magnetic tape to create food labels for each of your jars, and place them on the lids. Then just line up your jars alphabetically so you can easily find ingredients when you are cooking.

Pantry Organization JarsSource: littlehouseonpine

Refrigerator Organization

Tidy up your refrigerator and make everything easy to find by grouping food and drink together using plastic bins. Small plastic bins and containers which are suitable for storing in the refrigerator can be found at discount home furnishing stores. Split the contents of your refrigerator into different food categories, and then store each collection of similar food in a plastic container before placing the containers on the shelves of the fridge. If you drink a lot of soda, consider investing in a soda organizer so you can put them on display, rather than keeping them in a cardboard box.

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Drawer Organizer

Neatly arrange the kitchen utensils in your drawer with a DIY built-in organizer. You only need some strips of wood and a saw to cut them to size. Decide where you want to place your utensils in the drawer and measure how long the pieces of wood need to be to create each section. Once you know the measurements, cut your pieces of wood and connect them together with glue. Then slot the wooden structure inside the drawer and place the utensils in each of the sections.

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Ribbon Organizer

If you have a penchant for crafts you probably own a lot of ribbons. Depending on how you store them, ribbons can easily get tangled up, which leads to you wasting time untangling a mess instead of working on your crafts. To prevent this problem, there is a really simple DIY project you can undertake. Purchase a slotted tupperware bin and a 1/4 inch dowl rod. Place your ribbon spools onto the rod and then stick each end of the rod through holes on each side of the bin. Then pull the end of each ribbon through a hole at the front of the bin, and say goodbye to your tangled mess.

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